Sun. Sep 27th, 2020

3 thoughts on “African Americans and COVID-19

  1. Is this a surprise? I would be more surprised if it were the other way around. Blacks are now more than half of all aids patients too. We are victims because we have allowed ourselves to be victims of racism and its many evils.
    We practice the white man’s religions also and act surprise when it doesn’t benefit us. The black victims of this new virus are not the target of the virus. It just happens that we live in areas were every disease known to man also lives. Even the rats prefer our neighborhoods. This is not a plan just a consequence of long and enduring racism. Our lives are not as important as everyone else’s in this country and that is sometimes done without forethought.
    I removed myself from that element years ago and sought shelter in the best place possible. That is the so called white community. These utopias were built for white people by black people. I am just claiming them as my own.
    This virus is not only destructive but also revealing. It reveals why we need universal healthcare, education and a universal basic income. That two trillion dollars that came out of thin air has been available all along to eliminate poverty. But that cause is too noble. We aren’t just going get over this without some real changes, starting with the white house. The liar in chief has to go. I wish you all the best, but I am retired, wealthy and content. I will be in my home in the burbs, surrounded by well to do white people. They offer the best protection for a little black kid who escaped the ravages of the “inner city”. Have a nice day!!

  2. Not all blacks end up at the bottom of the barrel, that is like saying that all whites are superior.

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