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9 thoughts on “Alertra Judaida

  1. There really is no controversy Lenna. The problem is that most people do not want to read history because they will learn the real story. Finding the truth becomes a challenge of conscience and most people do not want to have to face the challenges of risk that is required to standing up to and embracing the truth. In modern times, it means you will be crushed financially, because the Jews no have the near-global power to do that to anyone.

  2. Here is a link to an interview Zündel did with an Israeli journalist. (I posted another link earlier in a comment that got caught in spam filter, but subsequently found a better link and posted it at C-Z. ) It’s important I think because it’s an entree to the German view that we’re never allowed to glimpse.

  3. Lenna, they have to have somebody to hate, deserved or not, to justify treating them as disposable. It’s their tribe’s ancient survival strategy.

  4. A week or so ago, I was reading an article at TOO on how over-represented in the Cheka, as with the Bolsheviks in general, were the Jews. There was a case mentioned by the author of a girls’ school headmistress being tortured, because they believed she had jewels. This struck me because I couldn’t believe she could have had much, to go to that much trouble and inflict that kind of pain, for so little gain. Besides the horror, it just made no sense, even on a strictly ‘material’ or efficiency level. The article also noted how the Cheka loved their leather coats and cocaine. (

    This week I’ve been reading Sean McMeekin’s book, Heist, on the wholesale looting of Russia by the Bolsheviks. One thing you won’t learn from orthodox 20th c history is there’s absolutely no basis for putting the Bolsheviks and the National Socialists in the same category. As we learn from the Ernst Zundel interview, Germany before the NSDAP was being preyed upon by international Jewry and, as a result, was a state in process of failing. ~260,000 suicides in the year before Hitler came to power. Children like Ernst would never have been born, but for AH’s giving their fathers work .

    Germany’s economy actually improved after the NSDAP came to power. Manufacturing picked up and Germany had goods for export. Russia’s economy, by contrast, was completely wrecked by the Bolsheviks — whose very premise in seizing power was to foment civil war. Manufacturing crashed and property seizures meant land valuations fell through the floor. There was nothing of value except whatever stores of value were already accumulated. So the Bolsheviks went on a looting spree. They stole everything, the patrimony of a country built up over centuries.

    But, remembering from above, the Cheka’s penchant for leather coats and blow … well, in the famine of 1921, they were selling looted gold abroad, but not in order to buy foodstuffs for famine relief. No, they were buying high-end military aircraft, luxury food items for themselves, gasoline, weapons and boots for the Red Army, spare parts for the fleet of Rolls Royces driven by Lenin, Trotsky, and other Bolshevik bigwigs, and financing Communist propaganda in central Europe.

    I understand what you say about how strange and confounding it can be to know these things. I really felt quite overwhelmed by reading McMeekin the other night, and it’s strictly a book about the material theft. It’s the exposure to an abnormal and malignant psychology that is alienating and disturbing I think. I had to go outside and look at the stars for a while afterward.

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