Sat. Jun 6th, 2020

1 thought on “All I Have

  1. Palapie left us.

    He is with the enemies, the master bullies, liars used and abusers. The ones who always use sickly obese children like the ones of Jann, the geriatric, the hungry, sick pets in need, etc to scam money (american dollars and euros!) from the channel users!
    Palapie, there is no way to hide in the internet even when you profile is private.

    J a n n

    Scamming money, again.
    Put your kid on a diet, they are excessively obese, this is considered child negligence!
    AH! and stop to scam money from the contributors!
    Ask the filipino father of your children who is working in US to send you money.
    If you don’t stop to scam money in the internet, I will report you to the federal/international police. MURN will also end up in prison for for facilitator. This is not the first time you both scam people for money, thief, do you think that the rest of the world is stupid and do not get your scams?


    Snakes like bad habits are hard to die.

    Don’t you get it? Jann is scamming for Dollars and Euros!
    Now empty your packet and give all to Murn and Jann the scammers!

    Ja n n Mod Timmy • 3 days ago
    Hahaha. He’s got big bones just like mommy., 😂

    Both of your sons are morbidly obese, what are you feeding to theses poor children! Please take better care of your sons!!

    Merlin Ti
    The word “grin” no longer exist, because you overused and now “grin” is dead.

    Good luck to you.🐈👀🐈

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