Tue. Sep 29th, 2020

5 thoughts on “The Art and Soul of Leonard Cohen’s ‘Hallelujah’

  1. While the lyrics and melody make it an Attractive Song, the use of “Hallalu Yah” disturbs me, because the things illicting the ‘Praise to Yah,’ are worldly, and not actually directed at G-d for His Majesty, or Who He Is! I know Christians are enthralled with this song, but I have to question if they’ve actually considered the lyrics?

  2. This is so weird I almost want to like it. Turko-Dutch ABBA or something? So weird.

    Edit: And, with a soft disco element. I am both creeped out and interested all in one simple sitting.

  3. I think Leonard uses it in his song, like some people say “OMG” for anything from the dog messing on the carpet, to someone suprised by the addition of a favorite pizza topping–Hallalu Yah is used in a trite manner in his song, same as OMG is used, and abused by people who don’t even acknowledge G-d. I’ve heard Athiests say OMG, and Hallalu Yah for getting a dent in their new car, or getting off on a traffic citation. This kind of usage is irreverant in my opinion, and is why I don’t like the song!

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