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  1. @silencedeprived:disqus is that what they told you the up vote will come back WRONG. it will not come back because the people made your 300k up votes gone are the very same MOD that did that to a few other people. If you think 300k up votes disappear was bad, how about 1,000,000 up votes deleted by a MOD.

  2. @disqus_BWKDtyp4Lu:disqus are you wondering why old comment disappearing is because it started with me. This have been a on going problem for 8 month now. This MOD does this so people can’t read past old comment because if they are able to read it than you will learn the truth on who is really behind all this madness.

  3. @disqus_kEDmrTA1vT:disqus Your up vote disappear because you been targeted for cyber bullying
    tactic by someone. This very same person also defame and deleted
    1,000,000 up votes of a popular user. I do not think you are going to
    get those up votes back, the person that told you it will come back is a
    liar. That is person is not Disqus employee. That person is an
    accomplice of the person that make people up votes disappear.

  4. @ladyGreenEyes:disqus so you posted “My count was over 130K a couple of days ago, now it’s around 122K. What gives? ow long are users expected to put up with this nonsense?”
    If you wondering what happen to those comment reply here?

  5. @lianrenaud:disqus i saw your post comment in Discuss Disqus, come check out my post comment and picture i posted here on this site. Those MOD there are no good and a bunch of liar. I point out on who is responsible for all this and i was trying to help people there. Instead, i got banned by a MOD with no name for my trouble.

  6. Check on all the post comment i made and picture i posted. They banned me from for pointing out who was responsible. Let others knows of this page so they have a clear understanding of who is doing all this and why? since i been harass for the past 14 month, you will see. I will post picture in a minute on this page.

  7. Oh, I am pretty sure I know the “why”; crossed the wrong troll, and the site isn’t managing to fix the issue. I even posted, to the initial thread I started on the issue, that one particular person was seemingly threatening a lot of people on a BB thread, telling them they’d end up hacked, and lose votes, etc. for expressing their opinions, when they disagreed with her. Not one mod responded to that. Telling, i think!

  8. Please give this a like, for those that are seeing this please SHARE with everyone. If you experience pending comment, detected as spam and the lost of thousands of up votes?

    those that are responsible are circle in red. When i got banned by a MOD with no name, i suspect the one i circle was responsible. Take it from me because I became MVP of the bully hit list for the past 14 months pointing out who was responsible, i realize this when my post comment got pending on many site that i don’t even use. Those that i check mark are accomplice, they freeze comment section, they will say they are working on it, deleted my post comment with other users and pend them.

    CalicheeseSuck and Vuppe can’t be trusted because they are full of shit and they know who did all this. Those 2 made sure no message get to the CEO of Daniel Ha. The picture of my deleted comment are dated back to 10-3-2019 and 10-29-2019 for pending comments. There is a high possibility that the one i label question mark might be an accomplice? when i banned they were not there when it happen, so try to talk to them and see if they will help you. If they ignore your post comment, than it’s obvious what they stand for.

  9. Ok refresh the page i made a post and picture. You know why people losing up votes and all these attack. It’s cyber bullying at the highest level. They could not name those that are responsible but it’s not coincidence because the attack happen in 2019. It’s the same time as what happen to me and when i ask for help, I didn’t get any.

  10. You can post anything here and it will stay up, the MOD here are good, I will help if i can. If i try to post in other site it will get hammer quick with pending or delete. In order to tell the difference between a site mod and disqus employee is that if you come back to your deleted post comment, it will say deleted. If you come back and there was no delete comment than it’s people up there in Disqus employee. The name of those involve are in the picture. Keep in mind these people have multiple account, they are very sneaky. They can get into a site with a different name and become MOD to get you. Since it’s easier to get caught if they do that on site, they will do it as Disqus employee so no one would suspect them. The site owner does not know of this, but If they did than it’s gonna me a major law suit.

  11. Here is the link of someone post comment “bug report” 2-28-2020. 11 month of on going investigation but they could not find anyone responsible for what is happening?

    According these corrupt MOD in the picture 2 + 2 = 10? but everyone knows 2 + 2 = 4

    it only took me less than 2 month to figure out those that are responsible and I have zero MOD experience. I have hundreds of picture and they speak LOUDER than my post comment.

  12. @SaniNeg:disqus @disqus_Q0TepVEwjr:disqus @ladygreeneyes:disqus @disqus_kEDmrTA1vT:disqus @disqus_4Wl5O6S1xg:disqus



    I was banned on October of 2019, I was able to take a screen shot of my up votes at that exact date. Take a look 1st image October 2019 and compare to the 2-29-2020 2nd image. I lost 217 up votes and 217 post comment. Wow, this happen exactly at the time when i got banned on DiscussDisqus by an unknown MOD, what are the chance of that being a coincidence? Currently, right now people are experiencing pending post comment when they are at ohhhh I wonder why that happen?

    Let’s get to the point. Third Image is the person name Sylar I met in 2019 about an issue. The one responsible for all this and the very same person that stalk me because Sylar doesn’t people know what she did to that user name Elizabeth and why she lost over 1,000,000 up votes on Sylar is not just a MOD but this person have other account. I believe one of them is a Disqus employee, I learn this the hard way, due to the attack i gotten from multiple site since January 2019. Now the accomplice 4th image is the person name Fortigan. All this could of been prevented on February 2019 on kissanime when i was seeking help from MOD!

    which means no losing upvote, detected as spam or pending comment if Fortigan help and listen to the user but Fortigan decided to COVER IT UP. Dozen of user that reply to me on Kissanime, including a MOD that wanted to help me all got their commented deleted clean “Detected as Spam” so even if you click it’s not a spam it will still get deleted. This prove that the one responsible works for Disqus at the higher up. Fortigan gave Sylar MOD for kissanime to deleted his post comment and mine, than i got banned from Multiple kiss site by a MOD with no name? When i got banned from Disqus told me Sylar was the one that banned, so it’s a little late for a cover up don’t you think.

    Let’s put the pieces together on on who was involve and responsible? Those i circle are responsible main villain.
    The one with 1 check mark are accomplice, they been here for many months and no issue for fix. The one with 2 check mark are very strong accomplice of the person i circle in RED.

    The stalker Sylar = Fin = Disqus are the same person “This is the person responsible for the cyber attack and deleting people up votes, the very same person that did it to me for the past 14 month”

    CaliCheeseSucks = the liar and the one that deleted my post comment on preventing me from talking to other people about this issue.

    Vuppe = the liar, pending comment and will not let anyone post comment get to the ear of the CEO Daniel Ha. Vuppe claim to be a helper, last i check this person was also here on Disqus 5 years ago. It’s a high possibility this person is an employee.

    Fate = Fortigan it’s obvious they are the same person because this person was not here when i got banned on October 2019 and he appear here as FATE not Fortigan?

    Cyber bullying people is illegal. It’s not right for these crazy MOD to go around by deleting people up votes and pretend they know nothing, it get worse they point finger at site MOD. They claim it was a cyber attack by who? for the past 11 month you still don’t know who is responsible? Come on! give me a break. I had to endure all this 14 month straight and still counting. Do i have more proof HELL YEAH! that’s why they banned me from and
    the MOD name that did it was not presented, they won’t let me post image or comment on Check Image 6th to see. This have gotten really worse for me, I can’t see Disqus log in page or post comment of others on, even if i log out I still cannot see people post comment, this all started when they introduced that block feature recently, i was the 1st on the hit list. Soon it will get worse because what was done to me was by Disqus, not the site Owner of Kissasian.

    This occur on 2016 and it was really bad hundred thousands of user suffer, they will try to buried this again in 2020 because no one knows of the name of the one responsible for all this in 2016. It’s too bad i wasn’t there when it happen in 2016. So now let’s set this right and make sure no one have to suffer ever again in 2020 and beyond, with the help of everyone we can SPARK a CHANGE! Please share and let everyone know!

  13. yeah, i made a new post recently with picture today, can click on my user name. After 14 month of harassment, I am not going to take it anymore. They are setting thing up to target me and now they are targeting others to confuse people, this will get really bad for Disqus user and the Disqus platform soon. Before I can no longer post anything, i will make sure people know all the reason behind the missing up votes and others issue. That the people at disqus fail to fix for the past 11 month for some user and for me was 14 months. Connect the dot and you can see it’s the same person that did this to me and thousands of people in the past. The thing is no one know who was it was back than in 2016, until today 2020.

  14. I don’t think it’s going to work. I posted screen shot of earlier, I can’t see Disqus log in or people post comment. I verified this from a youtuber to check for me. He told he could see post comment but i can’t? even when i log off it doesn’t show. This never happen to me before, ever since they new feature was introduce about blocking user. It’s going to get really bad for me from now on. This is only screen i have known as Terry here on Disqus and it’s the same on youtube. I don’t make multiple account. New people that sign up for disqus are experience problem already with reputation pending comment and some even reported detected as spam post comment. I thank you for letting me post here. If i can post like this with no interruption, Lenna and Int are invincible MOD for sure.

  15. I see, I will look into it. It make me wonder how the hell they remove my post comment when i was at that site is very popular. I was also at i post and it got remove. There was times when there was no link, all comment got still remove without a trace of deleted post, including the MOD that was trying to help me “detected as spam even if you click the button not spam” “we get it corrected” message in the dozen against all user that post reply to me. I believe the MOD that wanted to help me she quit and didn’t want to be part of it. Fortigan was the user that cover it up when it happen in Kissanime in February of 2019.

  16. I did get a bit of a reaction when I posted that this had been ongoing for years. Posted picture proof that someone else had saved, and the mod didn’t seen happy about that! Didn’t remove the comment, though, so that’s something!

  17. Oh by the way check this out real fast and reply if you can see people post comment. Say yes i can see post comment and Disqus Log in or No I cannot see anything. As for me I cannot see anything including the Disqus log in, it happen when Disqus introduce that block feature recently. I believe i got black list. Even if i log off, the view is the same on my CPU screen nothing and no Disqus log in.

  18. Hi Terry. Can i be absolutely honest with you. Discuss Disqus is a place to let the Disqus team know what happened. The role of Mods are to convey the message a user posts to the Disqus Technical team, more like a Customer Service role. The Mods of Disqus Discuss has no other information expect for what the Disqus technical team tells them. And they dont influence upvotes share. The only power they have is to Ban people.

    I have personally seen so many threads related to upvotes problem there. And yes, i make sure, i also comment in every thread so that the comments increase in the thread making the Mods notice. The Mods there is so frequently seeing this upvote thread or comment that, they dont know what to say anymore. The only response they have which is true actually is to say, Technical Team is working on it.. Thats the update they got from Disqus

    Now, you say, you have been banned. I dont know the real reason but i agree, expect for two mods there, others are very precise to point and they aren’t courteous. But that doesnt mean, the Mods are involved.

    You get me? They have better things to do. They dont hold personal vendetta and have no authority on upvotes reduction.

    Regarding the cause of upvotes reduction and whether Disqus knows it or not. most of us are suspicious that Disqus Higher ups know whats happening and what is the cause of Upvotes issue. Heck, there was even a opinion that Disqus themselves doing it.

    But Like i pointed out in the DD thread, unless Disqus talks about it in their official blog, we are in the dark.

  19. Hello, Riz.
    I am very well, thank you and how are you?
    Did you go by another nick before?

    Welcome back. 🙂

  20. Lenna and Johnny can help you, they know a lot about this issue.
    We don’t want to discourage you from joining us here, we want you to be part of us, but in an orderly manner so you threads are cleared from other threads and vise versa.


  21. @expatreporter:disqus

    Hello everyone, many of you are wondering what happen to your up votes and why it mysteriously disappear? Have you ever wonder who reply to your post comment? are they Disqus Employee? The only reply you get is from CaliCheeseSuck and Vuppe are known liar, the very same people that pend my post comment, prevented me from helping other user and deleted my post. Now they bought in a new comer name FATE he too is very suspicious.

    Start asking the right question by seeking the help from CEO Daniel Ha. Use Facebook or Twitter if you have one.
    Daniel Ha is the only one that knows who is doing all this. If Daniel Ha
    is not capable of finding those responsible than I am the only one who
    can. This is the most important one why are the employee of Disqus Fin,
    Daniel and Ryan NOT replying and helping the User? I ask for help and it’s been 14 month total, the cyber bully continue toward me, than I got banned from disqus October 2019? Why was I banned from Disqus .com by a MOD with no name and no explanation was given? I thought Disqus site was about helping people understand what is happening to their up votes? but instead i got discriminated against. If you examine carefully this started January 2019 and it will continue. Every bug that is reported to Disqus will only be up for 1 month than it’s gone, anyone can scroll down and check it out. It’s being cover up because everyone knows the bug reported goes back to 11 month about people losing up votes and deleted post comment. View many of the image i posted in this site here, so everyone know who is responsible. If you have any question please reply. Enjoy the reading the Poem and hit the like button.

  22. @jessefontana:disqus

    Miss Jess i just read your post and they freeze the comment section and no reply was given. If you examine closely why Daniel, Ryan and Fin do not reply and help the user? I find that very very suspicious, it’s been over 11 month, feel free to read all my post comment with picture so you understand what is happening.

  23. @disqus_ta9QTkT13z:disqus Hey, i’m kind of interested in this.
    want to discuss this issue together? i’m a pretty smart, awesome and cute person.
    My good friend Allison will probably find it interesting too.
    he has multiple accounts, i’ll ping him here

    @lilstrawberry:disqus @neeeexd:disqus @newimhi:disqus

  24. That’s good now scroll to newest post to read my post and see all the image. I could not get the image up in time when i was on Disqus asking the MOD for help. I was denied by the Fin with pending comment? than Vuppe and CaliCheeseSuck show up to make up more bullshit, when i requested CEO Daniel Ha, I got my post comment deleted when i was there on DiscussDisqus in July 2019. Than i got banned on October 2019 by a MOD with no name? for trying to help user and explain to them the person who did all this is the same person that did it to me. It’s too obvious because there was a pattern to it. i already put the pieces together and i know who is banned me because it look like the same thing when i got banned from multiple site by a MOD with no name. Disqus will always tell user the MOD name when you get banned, now all of a sudden they don’t tell me? Now it become Cyber bully tactic and no one knows where the attack is coming from.
    This have been a on going problem since January 2019. It’s not like people didn’t listen to me, they know who it is and they decided to play dumb by blaming it on a Hacker and Anonymous for a revenge attack.

    Now thousands of user are losing up votes, new user are getting attack when they make new account to post comment, it will get pending or deleted detected as spam, it’s obvious the algorithm was change to hit new user on purpose. Before all this 2 women lost over 1,000,000 up votes and was defame to get banned by MOD Sylar. It’s a repeated of 2016 when the 1st girl was defame and lost over 1,000,000 up votes. This was done without the Site owner permission. No one knows who did this in 2016, but 2019 i ran into this person. Now my life was never the same again here in Disqus.

  25. here is proof from a user 11 month? Ok we are working on it but the corrupt MOD could not find the source the problem? User are being denied on purpose and no help given. I seen them froze many post comment already.

    A woman name Allison wanted to help me from Zetaglobal from October to December 2019. Keep in mind Zetabglobal own Disqus in 2017. She seem like a good person and wanted to get to the bottom of this. Allison told me when she contacted Disqus they brag about being a private company and they are not publisher. WTF They even say it’s not their fault and that the site MOD are the one to blame if you lost post comment and up votes. The 2 popular women that got banned have nothing to do with politic why did they get slander for Banned and the site owner don’t even know about it? It look like to me this MOD wants to sabotage the site popular on purpose.

    That just confirm the person with that reply of being a private comany is the one behind it and they got accomplice. December 2019 is when Allison mysteriously disappear, I never heard from her again. Instead, i got a reply from SOMEONE WITH NO NAME WTF! AGAIN! that’s when i knew these people are up to good.

  26. @Fallen it’s very serious, good luck in try to get to CEO Daniel because you can end all this. However, i sense some really big lawsuit is coming once the site owner know about user that visited their site are getting cyber bully. No one is happy about losing up votes and post comment.
    Disqus need a major change, when someone get banned that MOD name need to appear and if post comment get deleted MOD name need to appear. So user and MOD can work things out… why did my post get removed? what did i say in the sentence let see it? why did i get banned and what did i do?

    Yo! MOD better provided post image to prove if a user done wrong than they should be banned. What if the user is correct? isn’t this what they call getting cyber bully by a MOD with no name? a real bullies doesn’t like to be name you see because they know they are in the WRONG.

    You know all this bullshit would not have happen if Disqus install a instant messenger that a user can opt in or out. It’s much easier to get help that way. Otherwise, people end up like me, pending comment, detected as spam, and getting black list by Disqus the moment they introduce that feature to block other user.

  27. By the way going private MOD is not going to help you at all. In case you wonder why i am able to post is because of MOD here name Inti and Lenna. So regardless of what site i post and if i mention this bully name. It will get remove. Even if i try to ask for help still this person read my post comment every day 24/7.

  28. @WhyAreYouLookingHere:disqus here take a look at this, i try to reply to you and my post comment got pending for 3 DAYS straight! and it will continue to get pending. The cyber bully is on the attack. This is the very same person that attack Avocado and Elizabeth by defaming them and deleted all their up votes. This person been after me for 14 month now and still counting because i know the person that is responsible and this person doesn’t like to be name. Make sure everyone give this a up vote.

  29. @ladyGreenEyes:disqus so you posted “My count was over 130K a couple of days ago, now it’s around 122K. What gives? ow long are users expected to put up with this nonsense?”
    If you wondering what happen to those comment reply here?

  30. Thanks for contacting me. I just white listed you on my blog.

    What the heck is going on? I just got Discuss DIsqus to white list me a few days ago, so at least my comments there show up now. Given how long the problem has been going on, I assume the upvote problem is not fixable. All I ask for now is that they restore my reputation so I don’t keep getting shut down on sites I don’t often go to.

    My concern now is that Disqus is trying to make me go away for whatever reason there may be. Maybe it has something to do with money. I would appreciate any info you have.

    And, as usual, this comment is hung up in moderation.

  31. @indiananights:disqus you having problems down there in Discuss Disqus? those MOD are a bunch of liar. Checkout this page and scroll through all my post comment and picture, than you understand what is being done.

  32. Were you able to see those picture? now you know. Since I know they banned me because they did not want me to help user like yourself and others that experience losing up votes and other issue. They did this to popular user of kiss asian .sh, she had over 1,000,000 up votes. Many up votes will not come back for people because the one that is behind it works for Disqus. now you wonder is this person a male or female that is doing this? Sherlock Holmes think it’s a female because of jealousy and envy towards those that have many up votes. Since Sherlock Holmes figure out who is behind all this, the bully double down with her accomplice to attack everyone all user that use Disqus. Mainly it’s focus on new user and reputation, but I can see here they got you too. So the best excuses they got was to point at the Site MOD responsible for your up vote disappearing. Yeah sure when Pig fly.

  33. @lenncat:disqus
    @disqus_4Wl5O6S1xg:disqus Can those comment i post recently be pinned to the top? if not possible than it’s all good. I believe a CEO and other MOD would like to see it. I just email a site owner, I am sure they like to know who was responsible for attacking user that visit their site.

  34. Sani MA LadyGreenEyes_MAGA ♥Zero♥TheLonelyCatClub♥ inti
    Lian Renaud
    Eileen Mother of Leopard Cats
    ✪ Riz ✪

    Can anyone confirm and reply to me here. Can anyone read post comment and see the Disqus Log in on the link kissasian below? As for me i can’t see nothing. So big thanks to MOD Lenna and Int, i could not post the name of those responsible or the name of popular user in other site, but here I can say the name of those responsible.

    Today image 2-29-2029, below same link, but on my computer screen, I see nothing “Someone down at Disqus company did this to me”….If you are able to see something than you can scroll and see many deleted post comment. Sylar did that to the popular user, Sylar deleted everything, i mean everything Elizabeth posted. Sylar made sure no one knows Elizabeth existed. Every episode have a post comment of that popular user and it’s all gone…I believe this took place on December of 2018.

    Now why was I targeted when i am not that popular? it’s simple, i know Sylar made up those lies to get user banned and not allow them to have a banned appeal / no investigation, Sylar deleted all my post comment and Sylar own comment was also deleted. Sylar came after me because what i know. I can assure everyone this person is the PERSON responsible for all this bullshit. I have hundreds of image I save up to show and prove I am 100% on point. Check out my follower ichigo, met him on kissanime, he wanted to help and spread word, now he called for help January 2019…Sylar made sure he can’t post nothing check 2nd image below.

  35. Yes, many lost all their upvotes and still losing them.
    I also lost some of my upvotes.
    Johnny lost all of them.
    It is evil Thomas…. We must get together as a team and report to…all together.

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