Browser Troubles: Alternatives to Chrome

Do you have problems writing and editing comments on your mobile device here at World Community?

If you have an Android smartphone, the default browser is Chrome. Unfortunately, Chrome for mobile doesn’t work well for Disqus comments on a WordPress blog.

We can’t fix this because we don’t have control over Disqus.

Half Decent Workaround…

People get around it now by just writing from the Disqus page. If you’re not sure what that is it’s here:

But the problem with that is you can’t add images and you can’t edit. When you try to edit your comment, it goes to the original thread on World Community. Where you can’t click on anything! Grrrr.

It’s even hard sometimes to upvote other people’s comments on a mobile device using Chrome. Sorry about that, folks.

Maybe someday Disqus will fix things on their end?


In the meantime, there is some good news. Other browsers work just fine and you can install them on your mobile device for free.

Here are two browsers that work well…


Brave is a lesser-known browser that blocks ads very well. But if you have the free version, you’ll have some ads from the browser itself.

Still, it’s lightweight and it works well.

If you install Brave, you can edit your comments and click around effectively in the World Community Comments section. It’s much better than Chrome!


The wonderful original! Arising from the earliest times, Firefox is free and stable.

Like Brave, you can install it for free from the Android Playstore and it works like a charm.

Firefox doesn’t block ads but it doesn’t serve up any of its own either. It’s just a good, stable browser that works well with Disqus and World Community.

Safari and Others?

Does anyone know about Apple devices? Does the native browser work okay here? If not, are these alternatives available in versions designed for Apple?

Maybe an iPhone user can let people know in the comments? Please help your fellow Apple people, if you are aware of any issues.

Same with tablets…I have no idea if the problem persists on those devices. If you know of any issues with WC on a tablet please let us know in comments.

Every desktop instance I’ve used seems fine with all of these browser options (Chrome, Brave, and Firefox). The Linux instance of Chrome called Chromium also seems to work fine on the desktop.


It’s unfortunate that the default browser on Android mobile devices is the one that doesn’t work well with Disqus. But since that’s how it is, at least there are some free alternatives available.

How many of you have noticed the same issue with Chrome? Do you have any other workarounds to suggest?