Tue. Mar 31st, 2020

2 thoughts on “Cannabis helps fight resistant bacteria

  1. @claradavaliente:disqus

    That’s a great cover image. 🙂

    I think psychedelics should be legal including pot. It’s a natural substance with many health benefits and I personally have never seen it do any harm under any circumstances. I don’t use marijuana myself but I’ve been around enough people to know it causes less harm than alcohol.

    It can be used to treat anxiety, glaucoma, and cancer, and also apparently has this antibiotic property.

    I was very heartened to see the huge crowds turn out in favor of keeping kratom legal. They succeeded and now many people can keep taking this natural remedy to reduce pain, anxiety, and their addictions to more harmful substances.

    I know someone who was a functional alcoholic who now only takes small daily doses of kratom and is far better off.

    Pot is going to become legal in America. It’s only matter of time.

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