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14 thoughts on “cattle-feed farmland

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  2. I have pretty much given up buying beef because when I buy beef I only want to buy the beef and not the farm it was raised on.

  3. Like Robinsón crusoe, I am a shipwreck without a Friday in my life, what I write, written is for those who read it, without looking for a public or a good or bad review

  4. For me, it’s not a matter of money, it’s convincing everyone not to throw food

  5. as I said before, you have to reduce throwing food in the trash, but; Do you seek the truth or discredit what you read?

  6. Give me a link to what you have posted so I can discredit it further.
    To find the truth it is mandatory you find the source of the information no matter how ubiquitous or obscure it is. That’s when you magically find a name, a (((name)))
    At that point everything fits into place.

  7. I feel the same about tagging. We used to tag lots of people on the channels but it’s hard to keep track and now I just figure if they want to visit, they will. We aren’t trying to make a living off of the traffic here anyway.

  8. That’s interesting. I never knew how it happened but I think it was made worse by the superstitious idea they had about “where the plow goes the rain follows.”

    Idiocracy has become a kind of cult classic with my family and friends and we make jokes that reference it all the time. If you’re ever looking for something to watch, it’s a good choice and it’s not very long. I’ve watched it many times and I see something new every time.

  9. Awesome. I love President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho. LOL.

    One of my coworkers said that movie was stupid! I said if you think that then you missed the point. It’s a brilliant movie about stupidity.

    Everyone in my social circle loves this movie and we watch it every now and then. There is so much fodder for “current year” humor. Though my mom kept saying she sometimes wished she hadn’t seen it because it was too close to where we are already. It’s definitely not off by 500 years!

  10. A link to the obvious Soros funded misinformation article would be helpful for me to see who wrote it and their background. Always dig for the individuals behind the author and the groups they are associated with.

    Anytime you see the word “sustainability” related to anything environmental it’s Globalist propaganda. I’m not sure what they have relabeled Agenda 21 as of lately, maybe Agenda 2030?

    Bad hairstyle lady, maybe a wig but she has the evidence.

  11. I’m willing to pay more for steaks if that will save is from drought, I guess.

    This post reminds me of one of my favorite films, Idiocracy. Where they water the crops with Brawdo and everything turns to a barren dustbowl.

    The main character, Not Sure, has so much trouble trying to get people to understand why crops need water (like out the toilet?) he finally says he talked to the plants and the plants said they need water. Lol.

    My mom also loved that film but said on a way she wished she’d never seen it because it seemed like Idiocracy is a lot closer than 500 years from now.

    We agreed on that point, and we also both like money. 🤑

  12. I haven’t seen ‘Idiocracy’, only clips from it. But I read recently about how the dust bowl conditions of the 1930s were created. Basically, it had to do with changeover of the Great Plains from rangelands for buffalo or cattle to agriculture. And from there it was soil cultivation practices adapted from where rainfall was plentiful to where it was not at all. Displacing native grasses with deep roots in combination with ploughing too deeply while also turning the soil over too frequently made it ripe for the winds that come sweeping down out of the Rockies and spread out over vast distances across a great treeless plain to sweep it up into the sky.

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