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15 thoughts on “Corona virus – Spring comes as the Nightingale sings

  1. No Christian wants to hear the truth from an atheist. I am an atheist and always have been. I don’t hear many Christian voices now except for a few die hard pastors who held church against the law and were arrested for it. This virus is serious business and doesn’t care who or what you believe in. If you contract it. You are a victim. If you think that a God is going to swoop in and save you. You are twice a victim.
    I live in the real world and nothing surprises me about life. I will not dare this virus. I am 72 years old with type one diabetes for fifty years. I am a prime candidate for death if I get this virus. So I stay put in my home and no one else is welcome except my wife and step son.
    I you are a God fearing person then this is a good enough reason to have fear. If you fall on your knees to pray because you have the disease. THEN KISS YOUR BUTT GOODBYE!!

  2. Yes I to find exchange that there was nothing from the Christian community about what is going on with this virus and I know that they cannot handle the truth because they have been avoiding me for over eleven years now.
    Although I am of God I do not fear him and just all of you know God did not bring this up on mankind for mankind’s bought this upon themselves.

  3. Really? Please can you expand your idea?
    So far, Covid-19 shows itself as asexual!
    More it can kill anyone, anytime it pleases, it is not even racist!!!!

  4. The Christian community needs to express their concerns about this pandemic. Many Christians believe that God controls everything. So why aren’t they talking about this? We are only in the early stages of this. The entire world will suffer the consequences of this. Is this the return of Jesus? He is suppose to return with a vengeance according to the Christians.
    I think the Chinese could have intervened earlier and maybe contained this. Maybe the dumbest president in our history could just adopt the truth as an ally and reacted sooner. This may sound ludicrous, but I saw some stats that said 47% of the victims were black. Maybe Trump knows this and is keeping things quiet while he fiddles?

  5. Nice to hear your views but this OP I put up makes no reference to religion!
    I’ll remark on your comment anyway.
    It is natural that people of faith, no matter if you think they are deluded, to pray in times of crisis. Even coming from Karl Marx’s famous: “Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, and the soul of soulless conditions. It is the opium of the people” – there is a recognition there of the role religion takes in the psychological role of mankind in the world. People will pray that they or their loved ones don’t succumb to ‘heartless’ disease and if that does happen they will pray that some day they will get to see them again.
    Religious people I know are a careful as anyone else not to harm others or themselves.
    Praying helps people cope and it does not cost a dime – unlike the ‘Market’ equivalents of it – therapy, counselling, drugs etc. 😉

  6. What wisdom can they express other than to repeat that we live in a vale of tears?
    I think there are a lot of crazy, off-the-wall Christians on your side of the ocean and you must be speaking of them.
    “God” only knows what Trump thinks as no human could even fathom the shallowness of this words or thoughts ( should he actually ‘think’ anything). 🙂

  7. Absolutely, I find the OP very interesting and the music sad 😢, perfect for the topic. We are in h/// my dear June, this seem to try to stay and to keep killing us. I just wish that Covid-19 was selective and just kill all the thieves, liars, murderers, opportunists, POE from this earth.
    Great Work June! XXX

  8. I think he is messing, if homos are 5% of the pop then naturally they should get 5% of the deaths or infection!
    More men than women die, this is was 55/45 last I checked. Will write more later – did you like the OP above and song?

  9. Thanks. before I wrote that I had heard of a 13yo boy who died on it a London hospital. A child taken from it’s parents away to spend days alone with gowned nurses and never to feel the touch of a loving hand or a mother’s caress and to die a ghastly death alone. This was one of a number washing over us and I heard that song at the end of the News while I sat looking out at Spring stirring everything into life again. I was not the better for it and cried bitterly.
    I had thought that his parents would not be able to touch, let alone lift, his coffin but today it is said as one of his sisters is ill too that the family must stay indoors – so they don’t even get to his funeral. Too much to think of.
    Me? – I had trouble with pain in my chest and slight breathlessness – I picked up some virus but not panicked as this was coming on for a whole week- a phone call to my GP and I got some penicillin so hopefully that will send it away. I stay in mostly but here our gov is lying and saying you can only pick this up if you are 20 mins face to face with someone who is sick and i’ve told everyone that that is BS – it makes no sense. I think we should all ware masks where shopping – but over here, so far, people with masks have been shouted at “Stay at home if you are sick” as there is no culture of people wearing masks and they think YOU must be sick as you wear one!
    That has to change but our gov is giving no lead and you have to make your own as no shop has any for sale.
    I must keep a diary- would you think of doing that?
    Just now in the news – imagine this last year- ” from Sunday it will get warm but people are told not advised to stay indoors” . What a world!
    Please tell me how you are and how things are in your locality – do you get to see your grandchild?

  10. Hello dear June
    Children are always very hard to see them suffer, as a mother and grandmother, they all touch me deeply when they suffer.
    This virus 🦠 is shaking the whole world, the rich and the poor, unfortunately, the poor are the suffering and dying like flies, because of poor financial resources and those people who have incompetent leaders, leaders who believe that because they are the president they know everything, including diseases, endangering the entire country, eg USA, our neighbor, more likely we are going to be affected deeply as well.
    In Central America, one of the poorest country in Latin America, the people are being crossed infected snd they are dying on the street, snd the bodies are pilling up uncared for because the country does not have the capacity to catch up with so many dead bodies, people walk over dead bodies, many family members are just pulling the bodies of their family members and leaving them on the street!
    You would think 🤔 that the list they could do is open massive graves and put the bodies there set it in fire 🔥 and close with earth instead to live deadly infected bodies close to their homes where children have to see the terrifying site!
    Next is India, i feel that there will be lot of people dying, i already saw how they treated migrant workers, their own people returning to their home, they treat them like useless objects, having them seminude in public places and sprinkling with disinfectant, where is the human touch! India is an other country which is totally unprepared to deal with Covid/19, therefore a lot of people will perish, similarly in other poor, helpless countries around the world. Finally ignorance also is a huge contributor of being infected with this deadly virus 🦠. Many people from members of our politicians to cashiers at the grocery stores, to cleaners don’t know the basic of proper hand disinfecting, or how to maintain social distancing along with the protecting manner of how to cough, etc.

    The good news is that there seem to be a Breakthrough in how to neutralize the Covid-19 ! Dr Jacob Granville got the Covid-19 breakthrough, it is based in San Francisco, USA 🇺🇸, please Google it. It could be humanity’s salvation.
    As for me i am well, thank you for asking.
    I don’t see anyone of my family, even the people who usually give a hand, because i do follow the rules in the best manner possible, even when i feel often sad, because it is hard not to be in person with the people i love.
    My daughter and her family are in the home in isolation, since the outbreak here. They are 4 living in her home, My beautiful grandchild, her husband and in the lower floor lives the younger brother of her husband. My daughter’s brother-in-law had to give up his employment for the family safety. But he will get $ from our government. I reminded them that he is entitle to it as stated by our federal Government. My daughter works for now from her home, so does her husband.
    As for my 5 years old grand child, is kept busy at home, her private school as all school, etc are close by government orders, so my daughter when to her own collection of her private school material and she is teaching the little girl using that old material and a lot more of material she believes is good for her child to learn, besides the languages. For the education of the child, they turned the little girl into a class room about two years ago. She has a wall painted as blackboard, desk, tablet, and more. The little girl is on the go constantly, i used to be like that when i was a child. 🍀😀
    Dear June all my love to you and your family, please keep safe, happy and in peace, the good times are coming towards us very soon. XXX

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