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40 thoughts on “Coronavirus – reasons to be fearful

  1. I was always a bit concerned that US friends were burying their heads in the sands about this given Trump gives the lead but glad to know folk are aware of what is sweeping your way- not withstanding I feel very sorry for your friend who has suffered already from this. We in Europe were a few weeks behind Asia and in turn the USA were a couple of weeks behind us. The shock hit us with Italy (175 dead just today).
    Human beings are very resilient but not more so than these viruses that predate Eve eating the apple. I’d disagree on a few bad months and at minimum we are looking at 18 months to two years just to push this back and many years to go back to ‘normal’. For example if the death toll in Italy was to be 1,000 a month (probably underestimating by a factor of 10) until Spring next would you even risk a holiday in Venice for free this time next year? Therein is the long term effect.
    Thanks for highlighting and your comment.
    Personally, I am stuck in Dublin and afraid to go to London to work in case I can not return to check on my parents. My sister is probably going to lose her long sought after job that she spend years preparing for (she is out of work) in Brussels as they are in lockdown probably for months and I could go on ….

  2. ” getting quarantined in the airport” – that was my worry as I have a cold ( I think!) but all that is superfulious as you say the ‘getting back’ was the bigger worry.
    Of Dirty Old Dublin, I could talk all night about, I love it and hate it.
    Not wanting to stray too far from this serious topic ( lol it is only me & you) this is one of my favourite songs beloved by my fore-bearers. The Sally Gardens in the Phoenix Park.

  3. This will lead to a new era of distrust. Many will adopt the habit of keeping a distance from other people. It will change our social habits too. Shopping, attending all kinds of events might never recover.
    I think that Donald “the lying king” Trump has shown how inept he is. Putting his non science believing vice president in charge and his son in law over an agency. He called it a hoax and then bragged about the fed lowering rates instead of expressing concern over the virus. He is a big fool as is his supporters.
    Maybe he will get the virus and perish.
    Socialism is about helping people and sharing the wealth. This will put this oligarchy on display. The rich are not immune to this.

  4. I live in Spain, my city is closed, I need, as in the Middle Ages, a certificate to leave, I think that this does not work for future pandemics and that the useless we have as politicians are to blame for what happens, some will become more Wealthy with this virus I also believe that it is given an importance that it does not have, possibly protecting the most vulnerable and exposing the rest of the population, that virus is like a cold and we would be vaccinated

  5. Socialism destroys wealth wherever it is instituted. Worse yet, it destroys the mechanisms by which wealth can and is created – namely economic freedom.

  6. Just for the record, last Friday, the CDC made the mistake of releasing the deaths incurred in the US from the normal “flu season” for 2019-2020. They set the number at 33,000 (USA only). The previous year, we incurred about 58,000 deaths according to the CDC. Wake me up when we pass numbers like these with this fabricated pandemic.
    In the interim keep about 2 grams of vitamin C in your system per day and about 10,000 IU of vitamin D3 in your system daily. You’ll defeat most viruses, save for ebola and Marburg.


    the males

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    The males sketched on the subways walls,
    are confounding Miró’s lines.
    From the shop windows, behind the bistros
    each caress of the night is almost love.

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  8. Hi Clara,
    Re “it is given an importance that it does not have, possibly protecting the most vulnerable and exposing the rest of the population”.
    I strongly disagree that this is being exaggerated just look at the videos from Italy coming out today and I think you will see what awaits us. The situation changes all the time and there are now > 1,000 dead in Spain, sad to say.
    Of course, you will get people who will bandwagon on this for power and control but still….
    The part where you say ” possibly protecting the most vulnerable and exposing the rest of the population” is a polar opposite to the UK where we are told the ‘herd immunity’ (no lock-down) is the way go where as the healthy get a bit sick but survive and this gives them immunity but the old and the weak suffer or die. This in the last few hours in now changed in the UK as the hospitals are brim full of patients.I don’t need to overstate what I say as you only need to wait 24hrs to see the extraordinary spread of this.
    I agree it is like the Middle Ages and the photo in my OP was about the plague in the 1600’s. People kept their distance and homes were sealed up and the dead had to wait days for burial. You can see the same from Italy on Sky News.
    Vaccination will take many months – some say 18. It is all tragic.
    Best wishes, I enjoy reading your posts while I am not active. Thanks for your comment.

  9. Hi, good info there.
    It is not standard as you say yourself. Lots of folk are saying it is just another flue and your doctor set that straight. It leads to an aggressive pneumonia that it highly infectious .Facts speak for themselves and Italy has has near 500 dead in one day. Bet before you read this it will be probably be 700 or more. It is clearly out control and all we can do is to avoid others as best we can. There is no other solution at hand.
    I took a quick look at the link and it talks about isolation as nations. This is a new politics that will fall from this and you’ll get that from Trump calling it ‘foreign’ & ‘Chinese’ with all that cat calling to right wing xenophobes.This is fatal for us all.
    China itself has done a good job and dealing with this and has given staff and expertise to the entire world (especially Italy) to reign this in. What is needed international co-operation and without that we are truly doomed.I see Trump tried to poach a remedy from Germany and failing that he said some arthritics pill would sort it. Honestly, you could not write a comic strip more comic.
    What this virus will lay bare the stupidity of ‘my country first’ idiocy. I wonder how high the death toll has to get before that sinks in.
    Whatever about ‘it coming from China’ it only needs a disease
    ridden slum dwelling close to any international airport (and there are many) for any contagion to spread worldwide.

    I wish you well and thanks for chipping in.

  10. You are 100% wrong Snow Donkey. Socialism is about sharing wealth in the version progressives are advocating. If you are talking about a socialist government, then you are talking about a totalitarian form of government, wherein the government controls all means of production. We don’t have that here, nor do we want it. We like capitalism as an economic system.
    We already have socialism here bubba. Its called sharing 90% of the wealth with 1% of the population. The remaining 10% goes to the rest of us. In our brand of socialism we give big tax cuts to the rich which they invest aboard. They pay low wages to American workers, because the government allows them to. Its still socialism, but it benefits the rich. Its called “trickle up” economics.
    The New Deal was all about socialism. It was all about sharing the wealth with the little guy, whose work produces all the wealth that the rich accumulate. Actually the rich only needs to learn how to invest. Yes they take risk, but it is often with OPM (other people’s money). I know because as an accountant I’ve done it myself.
    I looked at my credit cards one day and realized that I had more than 100k available to me. I cashed it in and bought a few dilapidated buildings and renovated them increasing their market value to five times what I paid for them. Then I refinanced them and got a lot of money back. What about the money I borrowed? I rented the properties out and paid the loans off with that revenue. Did I risk any of my own money? Hell no> It was all done with loans which are public funds,
    Thanks to our socialist tax policies. Any profit I make on rent is called “passive income” so its taxed at a lower rate. I am even allowed too write off depreciation, even though real estate actually tends to appreciated. Wow!! What a country, thanks to socialism. Now I am retired on Social Security (socialism), Medicare (socialism)) plus I am a senior so Uncle Sam gives us a few other breaks. That’s all socialism little fella. Now what was that you said about socialism destroying wealth? The rich put that stupid idea in your head because they know you are gullible and give socialism a bad name so they can rob you blind. A MIND IS A TERRIBLE THING TO WASTE.

  11. It’s already getting serious. Online businesses are witnessing a severe downfall, all kind of shipping has been closed. It’s as if no one lives in this world anymore.

    I’m more worried about the after shocks.

  12. the statistics are not always correct. it depends much on the input. i will have to translate an interview with an expert from here. but in short, italians are already very ill when they enter hospitals. so their mortally rate is higher than ours. but ours could also become higher when we will ran out of beds. so its all about to lower the dynamics.

  13. Why would you not plant vegetables? In a matter of weeks, we will be over doubling the size of our garden. The supply chain is breaking down, despite public assurances.

  14. True BUT there are various forms of socialism and not all are Ayn Rand’s version.

    Like “ JEW “ we need to define b

  15. Overnight, Trump creates the previously unthinkable in America

    America, believe economists, is facing one of the greatest economic crises in its history. But the President of all people, who wanted to cut aid for the needy, is now creating a welfare state. In the corona crisis, Trump steals his opponents’ best ideas.

    It is one of the largest aid packages in American history: President Donald Trump plans to donate a trillion dollars to mitigate the consequences of the coronavirus epidemic. The measures are intended to help the economy of his country, to save companies and citizens from ruin. They find approval in both parties – and could radically change the United States almost overnight.

    A new law now prescribes continued wages in the event of illness nationwide – a matter of course in other industrialized countries, a novelty in the USA. The meager benefits of unemployment insurance should increase. Those who do not have health insurance receive grants for certain treatments.

    Tests for a possible infection with Sars-CoV-2 are now free of charge. A one-time payment to citizens is planned later: $ 1200 for each adult, $ 500 per child. At the same time, the Republicans want to cut corporate taxes and spend hundreds of billions of dollars to lend to companies.

    The US Senate, majority leader Mitch McConnell says, is currently working at “warp speed” on new services. Some of them are said to be temporary. Others have gaps – not all companies have to pay money to their sick employees. More than six million Americans could be left without protection. Nevertheless, something surprising is happening right now: Trump of all people, the man who always wanted to cut aid for the needy, is now creating a social security network.

    Last month, the president planned to drastically cut social security payments to have more money for his wall on the border with Mexico and the military. But now, in the face of the corona epidemic, Trump is turning around. The virus has now spread to all US states, and more than 13,000 people are infected.

    America, believe economists, is facing one of the greatest economic crises in its history. Will the country in which it has always been said only count the effort of the individual, therefore a welfare state? Does “warp speed” create what Otto von Bismarck introduced in Germany more than 100 years ago? A network so close that it actually catches the needy?

    Republicans give up resistance

    Some think that is possible. “America,” says Bill Gould, professor at the renowned Stanford University, “stood alone among all industrialized nations with its refusal to enact a law on continued sick pay.” The crisis now shows how dangerous it is. The lawyer also believes that generous unemployment benefits are essential. The country needs a better safety net, says Gould – and it looks like the moment has come when it could arise.

    Others consider a more social America to be overdue. “The new measures,” says Rebecca Dixon, head of the National Employment Law Project, “should have been legally mandated decades ago.” Dixon assumes that at least some things – such as continued sick pay – will continue to exist, if the fight against the virus is won one day.

    The Republicans have often vehemently resisted new benefits in the past. Many saw freedom as the fact that citizens do not have health insurance and companies do not have to pay salary to bedridden employees. The state should stay out, that was their motto, the protection should remain slim. Now the party supports Trump’s plans with an overwhelming majority – and embraces the opposition’s positions. The Democrats fought for a long time for more welfare state, now Trump of all people is implementing it.

    Better social security is exactly what ex-vice president Joe Biden and senator Bernie Sanders are aiming to do to nominate their party for the presidential election and want to defeat Trump in November. The Republicans regarded their demands as socialism – a label in the USA with which one really cannot win a vote.

    Those who had this label in the past could bury their hopes for a top political office. Now that the novel corona virus is spreading, this is apparently changing. Trump, it seems, steals his opponents’ greatest hits.

    It could be these numbers that make him do it: More than a million Americans, economists say, will lose their jobs by the end of March. A dramatic turnaround, in February the US was almost fully employed. So many people applied for unemployment benefits in New York this week that the agency’s website crashed. At the same time, the stock markets crashed, the Dow Jones fell by more than ten percent on Wednesday alone and reached its lowest level in more than three years.

    Until now, Americans who lost their jobs were barely covered. The rules vary from state to state, but typically unemployment benefits are significantly less than half of your last salary. And often it is only paid over three or four months. The benefits are therefore lower than in Germany. And those who work part-time usually receive nothing at all. This leaves around 30 million people in the United States completely unprotected.

    The same goes for the sick. Those who can no longer get to work are still entitled to wages in only 13 states. 23 states have even enacted laws that prohibit cities from adopting measures to protect workers and force resident companies to continue paying wages in the event of illness.

    In addition, around 30 million Americans have no health insurance. And of those who are insured, many have to pay such high contributions that they hardly ever go to the doctor. One in four US citizens, surveys show, postponed urgent treatment last year because it was too expensive.

    The Corona crisis could change that. When all is over, when the number of cases drops one day, curfews end and restaurants open again, America could discuss whether the more welfare state should not remain.

  16. This Disqus forum has been hacked.

    Just check out World Community’s feed within Disqus and take note of the last two most recent articles, and the redirects those “articles” were posted at.

    Mouseover the links only and only from within Disqus. Do NOT click on those links. Do NOT go to those sites.

  17. Both good songs buddy !! Gotta have a passion for living and loving too. Only way the healing starts. God bless the doctors and the nurses that are risking their lives everywhere to save someone. God bless the Italians and the whole planet at that. May we all come together peacefully respecting social distance. 😉

    275541 cases to date as of now. 11385 deaths. That’s a 4.125% mortality in a very short time span. Thankfully 91533 recovered. May the percentage of survivors increase.

    Edit: btw, I bought a bottle of Chianti to toast the Italians… glass after glass.

  18. Personal attacks and name-calling do not buttress your argument for command economics. Clearly you have a problem with individual free will and you see yourself as a victim and believe that the productive white world owes you something. I’m sorry, but this is not the case.

  19. Other than the Chinese being full of it about their Kung Flu numbers, one possibility is that there are two strains of the virus with one strain being far more aggressive and deadly. Hence why Italians are being decimated while the slopes are back to eating dogs for dinner.

    Wrote to Doc telling him it’s difficult to know just how overhyped the hysteria is. But it’s clear that this isn’t the standard flu. It’s more deadly and spreads much quicker. And it’s a novel virus, meaning it is brand new and we don’t have vaccines nor the antibodies for it and don’t know much about it. And we are definitely not prepared for it like we are with the standard flu strains. This virus latches itself onto your lungs like paste and does all kinds of damage.

    He replied to tell me there were some inaccuracies in my little description, but overall, I hit the nail on the head. I asked him for details on the inaccuracies and he said the only important one worth addressing is the claim that there’s nothing stopping it from reinfecting you. The only reason you recover from the viral infection is because your immune system has pinned its antigens down, suppressed it and wiped it out. A second infection would immediately get caught and killed before it can take hold. With the exception of people who are immune compromised or immune suppressed. It takes a while for the antigens to change enough to dodge an immune system that has identified it. He declined to delve into the other inaccuracies because that would be “nitpicking”. Augur put it best by emphasising the importance of accurate information. Not hysterical, not downplaying either. Someone I know sent me this article you’ll find interesting.

    Oh, and the same someone recommended The Need For Roots as a primer.

  20. Hi Frank,
    I highlighted with the cover ‘A Journal of the Plague Year by Daniel Defoe’ which dealt with the year 1665.
    I did so for a reason as that is me!
    I first saw this from a comment on the Guardian news site and thought… why not!…. read it.
    Reading it is the striking how human behaviour alters little. If you had symptoms you were mandated to stay indoors and worse still if you or your family want to leave the home there was a watch man to spy on you and every one of your family would be sealed up ….. you get food. Bodies were left out at night for mass collection. It was gruesome In Italy today, people die at home and due to shortage of funeral and coffins that literally get sealed in. Family do not get to say a Goodbye to loved ones. It is tragic.
    For a reason I used ‘Journal of the Plague Year’ because it is same again.
    I do not panic and I would not like to ‘over egg’ things as I am the supreme cynic. I’ve studied this from the start and went over the stats and this will change the world – I fear back to the 1930’s . I hope I am wrong.

  21. D3 may not be good to supplement intentionally or to that extent. It’s a moderate blood thinner and in doses as high as that, it’s probably not great to take. I think the AMA just – yeah, I distrust the AMA on most things by the way – but they just ramped down their recommended amounts of Vitamin D3 to take daily a few years back. I know for a fact that the exact same chemical cholecalciferol, D3, is used as mouse poison in the U.S. and has been for decades. Granted mice are smaller than us, but still. Plus, about 10 minutes of sun exposure a day should give a person all the Vitamin D they need. Vitamin C in megadoses can give you the runs, but I think there is some longstanding researched pointed to that indicates it may help with colds or flu. Zinc is allegedly well researched too and has been linked to shortened duration of viral infections, but zinc in large amounts, more than 50% the USRDA, even if taken as a pill not a lozenge, will mess up your tastebuds for about a day, even if some people may not be able to recognize it. Cheers, Snow Monkey.

  22. Love the cartoon! Yes, I think I deserved a gold star for forcing myself to learm about and understand the details of this virus 😏 Doc is Muslim btw. Half-Palestinian and half-Dutch. His Dutch mother has Russian and Syrian ancestry. It’s quite the eclectic mix. I haven’t read World Made by Hand. Sounds interesting. I wrote a reply to Theodora that went into spam! At least she read my comment before the Spam monster got to it.

    My friend and his colleagues are busy researching and working on making a vaccine, treating the sick, diagnosing them and developing methods for faster diagnosis. He says the main risk comes from the unprecedented proteins and aggressiveness of the virus. The naive immune system doesn’t recognise the virus, but once adaptive immunity is developed, the patient starts healing, that is if they can survive long enough to develop immunity. On the subject of HIV-like sequences Theodora mentioned, the good Doctor explained that while COVID19 infects and targets respiratory tract cells, even if some of them end up colonising white blood cells, the fact it isn’t targeting them specifically for its survival means there’s most likely no real danger of an AIDS-style immune collapse. Though he added that they’re keeping a close eye on its life cycle in the body.

    What strikes me as bizarre and somewhat disturbing is how utterly incapable people are of empathy in its most basic innate capacity. The disease is wreaking havoc elsewhere but is considered mild and not a big deal by those who live in places where the situation isn’t as severe just because these folks haven’t witnessed the worst of the crisis themselves and aren’t directly affected by the worst of its consequences. Oh, old people around me are fishing and chilling and slurping down soup on their terraces. This is nothing! People elsewhere are not in the same fortunate position. Why do people only see things through the lens of their own subjective reality? And dismiss anything that doesn’t fit the narrative shaped by their own limited personal experiences and knowledge? I put these same questions to a friend who said, “You know, some people, if not most, don’t have an inner voice? I wonder if that is related to their lack of empathy.” I suppose when you are used to looking out only for yourself and encouraged by society to think and behave that way, it’s difficult to see the world otherwise. Finally, from a scientific point of view, the lower brain centres that motivate us with fear and other base emotions don’t respond very well to abstract threats that are invisible to the eye or foreign to the mind. This creates a sense of apathy. It’s “not real” or “not that bad” because I can’t see, smell or hear it. This is why the response to climate change has been disappointing and entirely unmotivated. Just because climate change and every other issue facing us today has been aggressively politicised doesn’t mean these problems are any less real or pressing. The same is true in the case of those who are downplaying the corona crisis.

    This virus is just exposing some of the pre-existing cracks in our precarious political systems. I do wonder how much of this whole thing is “planned”. What do you think? All this talk of economic disaster weighs nothing against the unpredictability of what would happen if the virus was allowed to run its course and burn itself out naturally. It’s exactly that: unpredictable and uncertain. Government’s sinister schemes aside.

    Yes, medicine can be a gory discipline. I’ve always believed that doctors and scientists are born. Not made. They’re healers. I’ve heard it said that divine law causes diseases and ailments to arrive at prescribed times and it is always with a purpose. The same divine law also keeps doctors ready and capable to restore health and well-being. There really is a spiritual dimension to everything in life. Random question: What’s your star sign?

  23. I have no fear of this virus because fear leads to panic and panic leads to mob mentality and mob mentality leads to violence.

  24. And they should regret under estimating it. I knew began back in January I knew it was going to be bad and I also knew that it was pointless for me to say anything about it because nobody listens.
    just like I know the next viral outbreak is going to be even worse than this one but nobody’s going to listen.

  25. Yes I know and so far it has broken out in China and parts of Africa and it is going to spread around the globe.

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