Tue. Mar 31st, 2020

10 thoughts on “crossing fate

  1. Crossing fate is that in reference to religion ?
    I think it looks more like Walmart when do they have the black Friday sale.

  2. LOL. I don’t know.

    The photo looks like Osaka to me. I was there once and thought the “X” shaped crosswalks were brilliant. You don’t have to cross and cross in a l-shape…you just cross once diagonally. [Update: Shibuya is in Tokyo but there is a place in Osaka that looks similar.]

  3. I am not religious either buckle me coffee date.
    Okay what is above the line I decided to leave to show all of you how retarded the dictation system is on this Huawei p20 cell phone that I am using.
    Now here is what I intended to say.
    I am not religious either but crossing fate to me it’s like saying I don’t like the God of my religion anymore so I am going to follow to God of another religion.

  4. Isn’t it somewhat similar to: “I’m not superstitious ’cause it brings bad luck” or the famous cues: “Hell! My husband… Quick-quick jump out of the window” “– From the thirteenth floor?!!!” “– C’m’on… no time to be superstitious”.

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