Deadly shots in Hanau: The delusion of the alleged assassin


A 43-year-old is said to have shot ten people in Hanau, before he wrote a kind of pamphlet. The text reveals a racist’s disturbing worldview.


Too much is officially not yet known about the man who is said to have killed ten people and himself in Hanau, Hesse. Texts and videos of the alleged murderer as well as assessments by the security authorities allow an assessment: Tobias R. apparently lived in his own world.


According to his own information, the Hanau native led an inconspicuous, middle-class life to the outside world: After completing his A-levels and civil service, he first trained as a banker and then studied business administration in Bayreuth. He never had a girlfriend or wife, and little is known about his private life.


According to SPIEGEL information, the 43-year-old is a blank sheet of paper, neither the constitutional protection agency nor the police knew him before the crime. According to Hesse’s Interior Minister Peter Beuth, the authorities are now assuming an extreme right-wing background to the fact that R. was apparently a militant racist.


The statements made by the suspected Hanau assassin in a letter of confession that he published on the Internet prior to the crime match this. In the 24-page document that is available to SPIEGEL, Tobias R. writes about his life, alleged knowledge and his ideological convictions. According to SPIEGEL information, the investigators assume that the text is authentic.


The 43-year-old writes that thousands of Germans are being monitored by an ominous secret service. The letter, it says in the letter, has employees “who are able to read another person’s mind and who are also able to ‘click into it’ and make to a certain extent a kind of ‘remote control’. ” (We quote here and below in original spelling, editor’s note)


The idea of ​​being monitored consequently haunted him throughout childhood and adolescence. Later, at the age of 22, it became a certainty.


Much of the letter explains Tobias R.’s racist and right-wing extremist worldview. Even as a young man, he developed the opinion that the “bad behavior of certain ethnic groups” was a problem. He also claims that Islam is “destructive”.


All of these discussions have been coherently formulated over long stretches, however absurd many of the arguments and ideas put forward are. The pamphlet reveals the crude worldview of an obviously psychologically conspicuous racist (we keep you up to date on current developments here).


“These people are instinctively to be rejected and their history has not proven to be efficient,” he writes about immigrants, and: “Conversely, I got to know my own people, as a country from which the best and most beautiful arises and grows, what this world has to offer. ” The Germans “would have raised humanity as a whole”.


Among other things, he lists more than two dozen states whose population he believes should be destroyed, and questions the question of how many Germans are “pure-bred and valuable” (“I can imagine halving the population”). R. also raises the question of whether mankind as a whole is a “winner species” who can at some point answer the question “what is actually going on here”.


A passage that deals with time travel shows how irrational this world of thought is: “In addition, we have to fly a ‘time loop’ and destroy the planet we call our home before the first life came into existence billions of years ago. Because we cannot let everything that has ever happened on earth leave the millions of sufferings that people have suffered. ”


R. also includes football coach Jürgen Klopp, Hollywood films, the DFB and lectures at the University of Bayreuth in his argument. In addition, the text deals extensively with the question of whether the “total annihilation” of entire states could be legitimate, when the USA will be replaced as a global superpower and which technologies will shape the 21st century.


The question of what role China will play in the future is particularly important. Finally, the author explains a kind of long-term military strategy that could help the United States and its allies win the supposedly inevitable war.


“The privilege of training my brain capacity”

R. also reveals himself in the text as a supporter of the current US president. He not only takes up Donald Trump’s idea of ​​a wall on Mexico, but also writes that a billionaire “should take the helm because his personality is most likely to set the economic course for the United States.”


R. is convinced that Trump is already implementing his ideas – albeit unwittingly, “via so-called remote control”. All of this fits a message that R. addressed to the American people in a video. In it he warns of underground military bases: “In some of them, the devil is worshiped personally. They abuse, torture and kill small children.”


Obviously, Tobias R. had no doubts about his ideas or his capacity for accountability. On the penultimate page of his pamphlet, he writes: “I have had the privilege of thinking along these milestones for the past 18 years and training my brain capacity using these strategic signals.”