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41 thoughts on “Do Americans Still Believe in Free Speech?

  1. I am not allowed total free speech on this site, less I risk being banned, But thanks for mentioning my name. lol!!

  2. The constitution and the amendments aren’t free. They have been paid for with the blood of patriots.
    The question isn’t so much about what the feelings or thoughts are about it, but what one is willing to do to ensure that it remains potent.

  3. so, time here for an old revolution song.

    Legend claims this song goes back to the Bundshuh rebellion of 1525 when the peasants rebelled against their oppression by the Swabian princes. The revolt was a failure, and serfdom continued for another three hundred years in Germany (the words to this song first appeared on leaflets in 1780).

    The concept of “freedom of thought” has nearly always been considered dangerous, and the song was banned for many years before the 1848 revolution, especially as it was seen to be associated with the ideals of the French Revolution. It was widely sung in pre-Hitler Germany and brought to the USA by German immigrants fleeing Nazi-Germany. It is also said to have been sung in German concentration camps between 1933 and 1945. The original lyricist and composer are unknown.

  4. true. it has something to do with the thread.
    we could all this talk just on a theretical basis. but due to your intervention we can actual disques it based on a real case. your choice. some abstract bla bla. or straight to the point.

  5. I just don’t understand why he fights so much with white people. He did the same to DP.
    Go ahead and do as you think is best.

  6. “If we keep losing our contributors here, it is not constructive, no one will want to come to visit us.”

    the last 7 days 3 contributors were banned and dropped by lenna. no wonder that you loose contributors.^^

  7. ok. what do you think? should the israeli throw ronald into prison when he mentions the name lenna? or is only lenna allowed to do this?

  8. We believe in free speech but we don’t have free speech especially when it comes to being on the internet.

  9. this is a real problem now. It seems many on both far Left and Right believe that the idea of free speech means that they can gather a mob and shout down other people’s right to speak.

    It occurs on college campuses, mostly from the Left.

    It occurs on social media, from both ends.

    Our speech rights have morphed into mob control of what used to be the market place of ideas.

    We are far removed from our older value of — “i disagree with what you say, but will fight to ensure your right to speak>

  10. See the 2nd Ammendment! It was created to make sure punks like trump cannot rule US like a tyranny.

    Do you know which contestant on the trump show, Apprentice, that he made wear a pink tutu, just for making a fool of him in public?

  11. One of the biggest problems, is people like you israelis apartheid defenders can insult another person personally and expect that no one can do anything about it.

    The older value, is NO F-en falsely accusing (false witness).

  12. amazing but not surprising that you would try to twist the subject of this post into a rant against the Jewish State.

    absolutely zero done by Israeli supporters curtails any American’s right to speech.

    A state can choose not to contract with a business it believes is engaged in bigotry, and a state is free to recognize the bigotry within the BDS movement.

    The state does not have to enter contracts with the KKK, Lous Farrakhan or BDS proponents.

    None of this has ever stopped the KKK, Louis Farrakhan or BDS supporters from speaking.

  13. I understand your rejection of free speech Bishadi.

    I assume you are referring to my responses when you post bigotry, and I call it out for what it is.

  14. Hate speech? People here on this blog impose labels on me. Do you stop them?

    Hate is created by allowing people to falsely accuse and/or lie (even if they think that they are right).

    Lying is not free!

  15. i think we should stay out of this thread. the headline of this thread is wrong. its not about free speech in the usa but a new battlefield for zionists and antizionists. enjoy the free time. 🙂

  16. I am not rejecting free speech. I live in and fight for free speech but then likewise, when a hateful person falsely accuses me, they have a newly created outstanding liability.

    Talking bad about isarel is not based on bigotry. The majority on the earth will have many choice words to describe that apartheid state. I am actually a nice guy on the subject. Because as i am well aware that the children of the torah have solid roots of integrity but the mislead can be just as rude as any other human mind.

    It’s the OLD, still valued commandment of no false witness that the DROSS continue to break that creates hate.

    There is not right to falsely accuse me, especially knowing that zionist dont have a dead jesus messiah, that died for their sins. You are still liable and no red heifer sacrifice will take the blood off your hands.

  17. labeling people ‘left and/or right’ is exposing what is wrong; the perceived expectation that falsely accusing is OK or will be forgiven, IS the problem.

    LGBT are very similar to christians, expecting to be forgiven. Both need help with understanding personal responsibility!

  18. Why do you feel the need to demonstrate on every channel your degree of stupidity and your allergy to facts and reality? It is your communist / socialist / democrat handlers that push for the elimination of the 2nd amendment. Why? Because they can’t eliminate the 1st without getting rid of the 2nd.

  19. ” your degree of stupidity and your allergy to facts and reality? It is your communist / socialist / “

    I will be the first to tell you that the second will never be taken down….. as it is ‘we the people’ that make sure ‘we’ are free, no matter the expense.

  20. this is only about the state having the right not to contract with groups that are distasteful.

  21. Many Americans only value their own opinions. Some people are actually killed for voicing their opinion on some things. Abortion is not something that some of us are free to talk about without fear of being killed, especially if you are for free choice. I personally have been threatened with violence for advocating for free choice. I am also an atheist, even the Bible says I should be put to death. So, there are those who would consider my murder, justified homicide.
    Religion dictates a lot of what is allowed and what is not for some. Gay people are often killed for outwardly expressing their homosexuality. I have a nephew who is now deceased from cancer. But he was gay and was forced to jump out of a window in his own apartment, because a man who he invited in, tried to kill him with a knife.

  22. No!you got kick out of your local city lunch and Social Clubs in your town and Johnny for some strange reason allow you to come on world community to bore us to death singing the same song’s!

  23. I haven’t been kicked out of anything I don’t belong to any clubs. What is your real problem?

  24. @disqus_9eu18ezEsl:disqus

  25. its more a matter of the language skills. even in countries where free speech is restricted one is able to express oneself totally without to violate any law.

  26. and here u start gossiping now about a person you have banned.

    so you answered this complex question “Do Americans Still Believe in Free Speech” already for yourself. free speech in the usa was always only a wet dream.

  27. Ronald, Lenna, is one of us, she is highly educated, an American lady, she is our dear friend and a Moderators and more in this site.
    I don’t know what else to do here so you both can treat each other with Dignity and Respect.
    Comprehension of each others beliefs and thinking, experiences, etc should be a priority. None of you have to agree with each other believes, and when you disagree, there shouldn’t be fighting, just let the topic drop, and say goodbye politely.
    If we keep losing our contributors here, it is not constructive, no one will want to come to visit us.
    Please, just ask for forgiveness, and keep away with those you can’t keep a polite discussion.

  28. Seems like the LGBT community has done more to erode our Freedom of Speech than any other group in America, all the while doing this under the premise of attaining their own ‘freedom’. The Left in general has supported this, with, IMMSMC, Hillary Clinton saying the Constitution is a “Pretty Radical Thing,” and Judge Ruth Ginsburg saying, “We’re all going to have to learn to do with a little less rights.”

  29. as he sees it we dont know. because u banned him. now its not a court but just a tribunal.

  30. One thing is trashing a person on other channels, and another thing is defending your point here, and in a civilized manner, without hurting others, it is here where misunderstanding happened.

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