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47 thoughts on “Do White People Have a Right to Exist?

  1. sounds like god or other persons are choosing another “being” right to exist or not. To satisfy some sort of justifiable assumption that someone else’s existence as a legal claim on something or on some action without proof based on how god or a person feels.

  2. I have met more racist whites than nots(it was no different living in the north or south I think the Irish police was worse in the North)Amongst the nots a have met a lot of actor’s.All white people thats nots ask yourself if you saw me a black man with dreads pulling up beside you in a car with my loud reggae music and almost run you off the road.Would you say that Dam african American need to pay attention to where he’s going or that dam nigger?need to pay attention to where he’s going?I mean I bring this up because I got ran off the road by a white woman it can happen anytime on the road.

  3. I don’t believe Charlottesville is just in VA.Depeanding on where you stay it could be nexts door or right down the street

  4. “White” people? What are white people? “White” people are Jewish, christian, and muslim. Do they have a right to exist? …i should read this. Region race, idealogy, are all factors of what a person is perceived as. …gonna read.

  5. I agree!because the moslems are about to kick Europe out of the middle East running with their tails between their legs.

  6. no, europe will start to go in. fear the germans.

    since Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia and Macedonia only allow people with valid passports and visas to pass, the Balkan route towards Western Europe has been practically closed.
    At the Greek border with Macedonia alone there are at least 13,000 desperate people. A total of around 42,000 refugees are now stuck in Greece, and several thousand more in the countries along the Balkan route.

  7. We should go to the spa to get our nails done. Oh, you know, the spa that permits white people.

  8. You are a top pit master only because you kept trying, making mistakes, and learning from them. I am certain you put out more than one burnt offering while in the process. Persons who stop trying or, worse yet, never start trying, have no cause to whine about the success of others.
    The other half purchased a 3-pack of baby backs. A real deal! Now to find sufficient consumers to make it worthwhile. ie: no leftovers!!!!

  9. Somebody please tell the bot checking for bots…. bot to come up with new pictures, how about Hand-tools, crescent wrenches and pliers hand saws or hot looking women versus athletic looking ones…throw n a few cowgirls while we’re at it, I’m sick and tired of traffic lights, crosswalks and cars……please?

  10. Well not to insult you, but I consider it a compliment to be mistaken for a Monkey. They are our first cousins in that they are also primates. Now maybe that’s a bit over your head being that you are uneducated.
    But when the photos are compared, You look like an orangatang with the long hair and light skin. But thanks again for the compliment.

  11. “We have no rights, only opportunities to advance our societies if we so choose.”

    Once conceived, you possess the “right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness…..” The “pursuit of happiness” was just Jefferson being poetic; he meant “private property.”

    Additionally, in our country, you do have the Bill of Rights; and this is the only country which recognizes that our Legal and Economic Rights come from God and not the State.

  12. Before I formed thee in the bowels of thy mother, I knew thee …...”
    — Jeremias 1: 5 [Douay-Rheims]

    Without getting too detailed here — We are not in the mood — since God is Logos, if He knew “you” before “you” were formed, it is possible that He may be obliged (in His eternal Charity) to form “you”; and that does give “you” a right to exist. Of course, if He does not know “you,” well, “you” remain unformed and unknown and a potential Democrat voter.

  13. Nobody has a right to exist, we who do exist, do so as God desires.

    No human has any right given from God to decide who has a right to exist, what we do, is an individual decision in most cases.

    Remember, all of our ancestors first laid their hearthstones on the super continent of Pangaea 150 million years ago, the human race is one race……but not equal in knowledge, empathy or the ability to become engaged within our society’s for the betterment of our evolution.

    Example: I am considered by some to be a top pit master, but just because I am one of the best at smoking meats, it doesn’t give me additional rights, it just brings in more customers!

    It’s not ones race but the content of how one uses their individual gifts that create their value to society, while nobody actually has a God given right to just exist…..that’s nonsense to think otherwise.

    We have no rights, only opportunities to advance our societies if we so choose.

  14. God created all people and he gave all of them the same right to exist.
    Okay well he did not create every human being personally next. What he did was when he created mankind he included in them A reproduction system so that mankind could reproduce themselves and leave him free to do other things.

  15. This idea stirs up a lot of old beliefs about humans. When I was in Thailand during the late 60’s, I would be stopped by some Thai nationals and they would ask me in broken English to “checky checht” or to “looky looky”. I had no idea what they were asking. Now I am a black man and another black man told me that the white man told the Thais before the war (Viet Nam) that we were just Monkeys. Monkey are a regular food for them and are sold on the street by vendors. So they were asking me to show them my “tail”. And they were serious about it.
    I’ve heard similar stories bout other races of people having false beliefs about another race of people. or another group of people of the same race.
    I am an atheist. Which doesn’t mean anything other than I don’t believe in God. But I have heard all kinds of negative feats attributed to us, as if we are all the same. I heard Christians say things about Catholics which are not kind.
    The white man has been in control of many of the affairs of the earth for several centuries now. So he get’s the blame for all of the problems. The solution to many is to get rid of them ad the problems will abate. This is not going to happen.
    According to science human evolution has a lot to do with life beginning in Africa and then migrating to other parts of the world and being exposed to the Sun in various ways that created the differences we call race. The insides are pretty much untouched.
    So there is no rational reason to believe that the annihilation of white people is coming. While we ponder this, the news is about the rise of white supremacy. So how does one explain that?

  16. such a sad person with such an unbalanced mind

    only a lunatic would believe or even write

    And even if the Israelis do manage to send the Palestinians to the ovens (which would not surprise me)

  17. Everyone is racist.
    No one truly lives.
    existence isn’t a right
    This isn’t even opinions
    justanavatar clicking notifications
    and you’re just reacting
    about to respond
    to a blank screen with an icon.
    Your icon is a dot while others
    May be neo or Kobe.
    Either way it’s a reaction to a helicopter
    On a screen with some false hope
    Or explanation of what anything means.

  18. I’m trying to remember where God said we have a right to exist, when we were conceived, we only have new found agency, the rest is just flesh, I guess with individual agencies, we may choose any number of preexisting historical pieces of information, to shape the results of our agency…..that almost sounded like a dog chasing his tail.)

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