Donald “the lying king” Trump, White S?upremacy. Is it really about intelligence

I am a 72 year old black man.  I was born into poverty and Jim Crow era politics.  I was told during my early years that this was a white country and all the power and wealth belonged to them.  I was told that they were superior and that is why they were white.

Well, I am difficult and didn’t internalize any of that.  I decided that I would accomplished many things in life, despite the fact that I had no examples.  So I went on to join the military, finish college with two degrees, started a business raised five children, retired as a federal retirement law enforcement officer etc.  But this isn’t about me per se.

This is about “white supremacy”.  I am suppose to see them as superior?  Well, I never did, and by the way, my best in friend in life for 42 years until he died was white, as is my grandfather.

A man named Donald Trump, who is a “white supremacist”  ran for president and won.  He didn’t actually win ,it was a technical win.  Any way he had a simple platform.  He would stop the people of color from coming into the country.  Now this is because he feels that this is a white country and for white people.  Although he is a business man and has been bankrupt six time,  Had no experience in government.  But he appealed mostly to white nationalist/supremacist.  Now they only cared about his racism against immigrants.  They didn’t care that he was married to an immigrant, a much younger woman who was a nude model.  They still don’t care that he knows very little, has fired much of his inexperienced staff that he hired.

This is a group of people who claim to be of superior intelligence.  But are they?

The man claimed to be a billionaire, but refuses adamantly to show his tax returns.  That makes him a tax cheater.  Was it intelligent to elect such a man?

The man claimed that Mexico would build a wall between us an them.  They didn’t pay for it.  They still support him.  Is that intelligent?

He claimed that the sitting president who was black, wasn’t a citizen.  Of course he was and had to be in order to become president and had been previously vetted by the FBI.  Did his followers believe him?  Yes of course.  Is that intelligent?

He was impeached for trying to bribe a foreign country.  Did his supporters continue to support him?  Yes, of course.  Is that intelligent?

He locked up little children of color and separated them from their parents on the southern border, for trying to legally apply for asylum,  Did his supporters say that was wrong and illegal?  No.  Is that intelligent?

The president ignored the killing of a black man named George Floyd, by the police that started a national protest against police brutality.  Was that presidential?  Did his supporters agree with him?  Is that intelligent?

The civil war was won by the union or the United States.  The Confederates lost and wanted to have slavery.  There are many relics of this war around in the form of flags and statues.  In order to bring equality, we must remove these things.  The president supports the confederacy,  Is that American?  Is it intelligent to support the traitors to the union?  Is it intelligent?

We have a pandemic.  The president was warned of it in Jan.  He did nothing and said it would disappear.  It didn’t of course.  He then recommeded that we drink detergent to kill it.  He doesn’t believe in science or climate change.  And he regularly ignores with his own scientists even without the benefits of his own knowledge,  Because of his ignorance we now have an out of control virus that is threatennig everything.  He doesn’t wear a mask and has held rallies putting his supporters lives at risk. Is that intelligent?

What is white supremacy?  It all looks rather stupid to me,  Please enlighten me.