Flowers From A Dream

I have written many poems and published two books.  Sometimes I write a poem and just lay it down and forget about it.  I don’t know when or why I wrote this poem but my daughter found it in a stack of unfinished poems I had written.  She said “it’s one of your best why is it in that stack”?  I guess I should go back to the stack and find another gem like this one.  Here’s flowers from a dream.

Flowers from a dream

A warm summer breeze

blew the fragrance of a rose

through my bedroom window

As I laid across my bed

In the midst of an amorous dream


I can be anything I want to be

In a dream.  Anything from the

World’s greatest lover to a man

Standing seven feet tall.  Or I be

A bird flying back to the nest

Between the rain drops on a rainy day.


In this dream I’m standing

In a field of roses.  These roses

Are of different colors

I decided to pick a few to give

To my love


I watched as some of the rose petals

Fell towards the ground and swirled

Un the warm summer breeze that blew

Their fragrance through

My bedroom window.


I looked to the sky to see the

Source of the wind and there were

Angels above moving their wings

I felt like a child frolicking in a field

Of roses in heaven.


Suddenly I heard the racing of a rapid pulse

I opened my eyes and saw my love standing

Over me with a heavenly smile on her face

Welcoming me back to the real world of amour

The world were love is not a fantasy

But as real as the rain clouds

That makes the flowers grow.


She then said “thank you for the flowers”.

I looked in my hand and there

They were,the roses I picked for

Her in my dream.  I then began to

Recite a poem for her.


You are my love and my deepest desire

Here are some flowers for you from a dream that you inspired

I see you in the light and in the dark

My love is always ready, when you provide the spark


I use to think that pursuing you, would soon just get old

But now I’ve unlocked your love cause I have the secret code

I know you like pretty roses and flowers

I defer to you because you have all the power


Lifting my spirits and putting a smile in my heart

Kissing me at the end of the day is always the best part

Here’s some flowers from a dream, I picked just for you

If I can make you happy, then I’ll be happy too.


Copy right Ronald Salter