Tue. Sep 29th, 2020

7 thoughts on “Free All Prisoners: What Could Go Wrong?

  1. This virus must give us a bath of humility, I would like politicians to learn something for an apocalyptic future.

  2. This is not a dumb idea as you suggest. A large number of inmates were convicted of non violent crimes. Many others have not been to trial and are being held because they couldn’t make bail. Many others have been there too long (20-60 years) and are not considered a threat. Many others are sickly and old and are costing the system too much. Consider this, the average inmate cost the government between 35k to 75k per year. Is it worth spending that much on an inmate that is not longer considered a threat to society?

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  4. The newest information on the virus deals with racism. Blacks are 14% of the population and 50% of the total dead in New York’s crisis. In Chicago, black people are 30% of the city’s population and 70% of the dead. What does this mean?
    This pandemic is not going to end anytime soon. But when its finally over we will have learned a lot about how we treat the poor and lower middle classes. Are the rich going to suffer as much? Of course not, although they are not excluded entirely.
    Who is the stimulus designed to help? Is it going to help those who are most in need? What about health care? Are the poor dying because of the lack of it? What about the distribution of the country’s GNP? Shouldn’t we be looking at how it’s distributed? Do we really need to have poverty in light of the size of the stimulus?
    What about this president? He is just plain terrible. He was warned about this virus being on its way here six weeks before he acted on it. That wasted time was totally his fault and allowed the virus to spread here. When he finally acknowledged it. He said it was a democratic hoak. Then he said it would disappear in a few weeks. When he realized it was serious, he went along with some of the scientist, who are the only ones who know what they are talking about.
    He is constantly interring with them when they make suggestions. Now he is promoting a drug that the scientist doesn’t know enough about.
    Who are these people supporting this ingrate? Most powerful people defer to the experts. What will it take to get rid of this menace? America is now an embarrassing and dangerous place to live.

  5. I live in the state of Delaware. We don’t have a large black population like New York and Chicago. the virus has not claimed as many people here either, or not yet. I mentioned the racial disparity in Chicago and New York because I wanted to see the reaction of the white nationalist on the site. You see they will immediately start looking for ways to blame black people for this.
    The problem is this. The rate of black deaths is considerably higher than the rate of their admissions or the percentage of them. Yes there are hotspots based on race etc. But this will be shown to be a pattern throughout the country as the virus spreads. I am not a conspiracy theorist. So, I’ll let the experts figure it out. It is never called racism.

  6. when corona started here (hamburg/germany) i avoided districts with a high immigrant rate (this districts are also poor districts) because i considered these districts as unsafe. we personally live in a very rich district. when our city gov finally started to publish data (normally they dont do this because of social discrimination.^^) for districts it showed that my (rich district) had the highest rate of infected people of the whole city while the immigrant districts were the safest ones. this makes sense as many of my district went for skiing to italy while this is for poorer people not so much affordable. also nursing homes for older people are not so much affordable for poorer people.
    as for the death from corona. it depends very much on intensive care beds in hospitals. these are expensive but in my country for free. so its a matter of the health care systems. your death rate per se is actually close to our one. we have about 1,5%. while ie italy is >10%. they privatisized much of their hospitals in the bergamo region and because one cant make money with intensive care beds they had way to few beds in the beginning. so they stored infected people in nursery homes.
    and then happens something what we call triage. means the doctor has to decide who is worth living and who not and allowed to get a bed.

  7. I watched the video. The host is a terribly misinformed person. First this ingrate needs to know that US prisons have about 50% of the worlds total inmates while we are about 7% of the world’s population. Isn’t there something wrong with that? It cost between 35k and 65k to house an inmate, Many of them have never been to trial, so they are not even convicts. Many are young black men who get arrested for almost nothing.
    For many states the biggest item on their budget is the cost of owning and operating prisons. There are people who are serving time for possession of marijuana. Now that’s legal in some states. Is that serious enough to spend ridiculous amounts of money to incarcerate people over? How about child support? How does locking a man up for that help the child? White collar crime. How much time does it take to teach a little sissy a lesson?
    Prisons are responsible for the welfare of the inmates. Do we really want to incur that cost along with the regular cost of locking them up? This country is going to learn a lot about the failings of the way we govern. The people who work the hardest and create the most wealth are also paid the least and are most likely to end up in jail because they commit “survival crimes” and are often non violent. Yes many need to be let go. And everyone deserves a speedy trial and not have to spend time with real and convicted criminals, while waiting for a trail.

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