Mon. Sep 28th, 2020

12 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s day from World Community!! ❤️

  1. Thanks.

    Sorry I missed the attack. Did Helga actually kidnap me? Really? You didn’t note the various rolls of duct tape in her rucksack? Really? You know what that always means!

  2. Skit? What? No way. And, I’m pretty sure it’s been more like a decade since we’ve totally known each other in real life. Geez.

  3. I need to tell you a secret. (Lenna actually thinks it was the dragon fruit syrup that clinched my win. Ha, ha, ha. The clincher was actually my use of Cha’i Pow Yu in my waffle batter. Shhh.)

  4. I suspected something was about to happen, so I had Secret Agent Mr. Secrecy follow me that evening. I sure hope Helga’s bruises heal.

  5. I’ve totally already given in to Helga’s love. I just so happen to take a Ninja’s approach in admitting as much … you know, because Viking Ninjas are the most awesome people ever … especially when we cook red curry Thai pad with basted puppy remains. Just sayin’.

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