Live Poetically

This reminds me of you

Love is nothing new

You knew her for a day

And you’ve carried her all this way

A glimpse into your story 

With a radiance reflecting


Masterpieces everywhere

Greatness lured her in

Foreshadowing future time

Unequivocally providing

The solace of the interaction

And a safe way to immensely feel


Reveal the beautiful afternoon 

With a woman who gets you 

Wearing a bohemian mini

Matching sweater flush as her cheeks

Eyes caught sight of a unexpected monk 

And she saw him in the mirror


Everything was perfect

From the entry skyline

To the hours drive

Expanding timeless sunset

Of course the daydreaming 

Took her for a loop


Getting lost made it her

That Ace of Hearts 

Thrown on the floor 

Coincidentally a poker pro

Had the same face

Aligned as she noticed 


The day is now without

Clever words became rather tripe 

Sweet silence is becoming

Withholding discrete presumption

And letting it fly through

The mystery of the view