Sun. Sep 27th, 2020

1 thought on “Miracle on the Vistula

  1. well, you asked somewhere wether ww2 happened or wether germany wanted to start ww2 because of to much reparations for ww1. thats difficult to say and also difficult to write in a short comment. so i though i could solve this with delivering the context for the time between ww1 and ww2, the weimarian republic. so more to come.

    poland is beatiful. it was much invested to build it up after comunism. and it is also not sooo cheap anymore.

    i made 1991? a trip by car from hamburg via czechslovakia and hungary to friends in belgrade to in then still yugoslavia. i wanted to feel the transition time from comunism to capitalism, because such an event would be unigue. today they have all their aldi, mcdonalds and so on. it is all very normal. but in 1991 it was the wild east.^^

    i would recommend lviv/ukraine actually. its the former lemberg and belonged once to the austrian empire, so astrian architecture. not so much sovjet architecture.
    its a beautiful city and they have many interesting speak easies^^. ie sacher-masoch lived there.^^

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