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I love technology, science and medical advances, I like history. I think the world needs a great meteorite that ends three quarters of the human population.
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Bacteria have a wall around the outside of their cells that gives them shape and is a source of strength. Antibiotics like penicillin kill bacteria

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The diets that circulate on the internet with the support of famous people hide all the human team that help these famous people with the

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The title of the movie is just to put yourself in situation, imagine that they can clone you, imagine that your memories can pass to

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We live in a rare time where we look for things in the wrong places, chicken-flavored fries, meat that is not meat, milk that is

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Some 300,000 people in the U.S. are diagnosed with Lyme disease every year. Caused by Borrelia burgdorferi and transmitted by the bite of infected Ixodes

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Increasing nut consumption by just half a serving (14 g or ½ oz) a day is linked to less weight gain and a lower risk

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My God: I ask wisdom to understand this man, Patience to bear it, Goodness to treat it, Love to forgive it, I do not ask

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mine only serves to piss and these animals have 3. “Caltech scientists have discovered a new species of worm thriving in the extreme environment of

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confirmed, the Chinese yutu 2 probe gives us an image of a UFO and a room inside the Moon

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Not long ago, being born was a lottery and reaching adulthood was the main prize. Diseases that left a mark on the body of the

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