Fri. Jul 10th, 2020


4 months ago 2 Comments

Brings joy to my heart, I live here

4 months ago no Comment

The few places I’m welcome. Thank you very much . This is my family,

4 months ago 16 Comments

Soon they will say it’s bad to touch money and everything will be electronic. The goal is to scare everyone into a one world currency

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Cloudy river in the morning. Sometime running. Old age remembering

4 months ago 2 Comments

Looks like I’m redused to testing 123

8 months ago no Comment

Back and forth we go sinking deeper in the sand as we go.

8 months ago no Comment

I just had to make a video. One of the people I mow for has a beach house and the ocean was quite flat today.

8 months ago 1 Comment

Why does this have to happen, we as a community need to stand up and take back the schools from the devil’s, what if all

9 months ago no Comment

Running water is soothing to us, why is that?. I’ve read that running water has electrical properties. Running water through a tube creates magnetic flux

9 months ago 1 Comment

The world is like a rainbow, all the beautiful colors. The beautiful colors of the people, the animals and their fur and feathers, the vegetation

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