Wed. Oct 28th, 2020


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… or really?  The truest of the Norse, the heathens, had been overridden by the crusaders of Christianity long prior to 1814.  Let us be

puking jack-o-lantern
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The Bar A lib’ral walks in A conservative does too All moderates puke

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One of the best Haikus ever…

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***To those unfamiliar with my “style”, I apologize in advance.*** Rockets launched, Targets hit, Yippee! We’re a world away. So what? A kid dies, An

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Analog versus Digital, man.  Analog versus Digital.  These simple words lead me to being awestruck by the thoughtfulness of others.  If I may be specific,

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Hello, my sweet darling, My selfish, lost friend. Follow me, For I know what is best for you. Do not look toward others unlike me,

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I’ve noticed no one stop to greet the beautiful woman, The smiling woman who rests beneath the curbside tree. Passersby stare at the electronics in

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Winter has embraced my land,My home,My family,And, yes … me. Souls that tuck not awayShall never again see Spring …So I’ve been told,Time and time

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