Tue. Aug 4th, 2020


Martial Teacher
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Crimson eyes Scarlet skies Howling gales Wandering aimlessly into the night Wishing to feel alive Alone in the dark No spark guides the way Transcending

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Feeding off the fury and vengeance I bring Cutting loose the chains placed upon me Walking in Desolate Kingdom I’m lord of the blades Blood

A bright star shines in the night sky over mountains, evergreen forest, and a still pond where you can see the reflection.
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Lone star in the sky Patriarch of desolation Lone heart on ground Matriarch of sorrow Billowing tides of vicissitude Clouded eyes of reckoning Endless depths

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I think that I get it now Archaic walking through time Reanimated death to life Animated ash to flesh Congealed blood flows Unconcealed murderous intent

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All stars could scatter All forms of life shatter Living in a time nothing matters Mind clatter The stars will rise Life defied Broken pride

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(Written in advanced for a web novel called Wolf King: Love that transcends worlds) As requested by the Author.   No sleep most nights Geists

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Here I sit mentally shooked. A fellow classmate I grew up with over the years, gamed with, worked out with and trained in martial arts

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I see the broken eyes Fragmented love, pain, despair Like the night sky being torn open Fragments of heaven descends While demonic fraternities roam Like

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Oh those bewitching eyes of yours, A flame flickers within What was hidden behind Is my fear for being blind Twisted by malicious design You

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I see life Like a parade before the pain In a sky full of rain They march to the sounds of the beat With a

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2019/10/03 Lost my wife who gave up on life. Tears will fall, Blood will rain, Heart pounding like thunder, Berserk emotions, Pour through my veins, Without an antidote To cleanse myself of grief. -Martial Poet.
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