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Killing Over Cartoons
4 weeks ago no Comment

A teacher has been beheaded in the street for showing cartoons of Muhammad to his students: “Last year, a

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Should there be reparations for slavery? If so, what form should they take? Who would pay for them? Who would

2 months ago no Comment

So, the Minneapolis city council want’s to defund the police. In fact they have already cut a million dollars form

Another “Racist” Cop Shooting, Another Riot
3 months ago no Comment So a cop shoots a black man charging at him with a knife. So clearly this was the systematic

Another “Racist” Cop Shooting
3 months ago no Comment ” A 13-year-old boy in Glendale, Utah, was shot several times by police officers after his mother called 911

Too Funny
3 months ago no Comment

Is there anything else to say other than the hypocrisy and lack of self-awareness almost boggles the mind:

A New Civil Rights Leader
3 months ago no Comment

No doubt following in the footsteps of MLK Jr., Jacob Blake Sr. is showing us what racial harmony is. /s

Maybe Someone Should Have Knelt on His Neck?
3 months ago no Comment

So cops are clearly not too bright. But what are they supposed to do when people don’t comply?

‘Peaceful’ Protests
4 months ago 1 Comment So this is what the left calls ‘peaceful’?

Should Blasphemy Laws Still Exist?
4 months ago no Comment “A musician in Nigeria’s northern state of Kano has been sentenced to death by hanging for blaspheming against the

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