Tue. Aug 11th, 2020


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a simple drop in a pond causes enigmatic ripples algorithmic devotion /// spells casteverlasting; has me ponder, it’s been forever since I had soup ///

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they do not know the darkness. how the light can fade into coptic and all conclusions drawn unreasonable. pale words cave, ave surprises carved in

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come as you are. Bobbit sheered folly drinking O.J., spike it with Molly. MTV, pop culture anaconda. internal cigars smoke out Rwanda. U.S. strikes Saddam

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life’s nihilistic beautification and cynical reflection feeds a perpetual cycle of expectations and disappointments. the farthest distance in the world is between how it is,

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shibuya crossing have all these lives scrambling, in line passing in every direction.   at some point, we all missed a turn somewhere despite preparedness.

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she’s out there, waiting.   her wounds deeper still.   she paints herself black   remaining undefined.   to see you majestic as   her

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when time dries out and leaves you wilted— left with the soft touch of conjecture or promises quenching relief, myths blend in two; the memory

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  in the end, we look forward to new beginnings; like gods betwixt creation and nothingness casting shadows of life’s everlasting night in aloneness and

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its brighter today yet i feel dimmed in my mind while driving over the hills from work. there’s this windee part of the road with

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you lean into dreams grabbing hold these days, and they lift you partly saturating a day’s real history, pellucid ghosts; a stagnant mist left our

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