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Red Man
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I am appalled at the shooting of a young man, in Philadelphia, by the police in Philadelphia over a call

Voter Suppression
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The Republican Party is disgusting, with a Bible to back them.  They suppress the vote by closing precints, , intimidation.

What is wrong with white people?
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I am a Dark and Lovely black man.  I was born into a country that was purportedly a free and

Donald “the lying king” Trump, White S?upremacy. Is it really about intelligence
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I am a 72 year old black man.  I was born into poverty and Jim Crow era politics.  I was

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I just finished this poem yesterday.  It was inspired by my wife when  came into the bedroom one night.  But

sun in a bright blue and yellow sky
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People often ask me “how do I get the ideas for my poetry?  My answer is simple.  I just write

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Most people who know me, also know that I am an atheist.  In their mind that word conjures up a

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I have raised five children,  They each had their own way of getting my attention when they were bothered by

11 months ago 3 Comments

I have written many poems and published two books.  Sometimes I write a poem and just lay it down and

11 months ago 4 Comments

I wrote this poem for one of my grandsons.  His father came from a “drug” family and he followed in

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