Tue. Feb 18th, 2020

3 thoughts on “Why Israel Has No ‘Right to Exist’

  1. This Hammond guy tried to make it appear as if the Ashkenazi did
    not come from Germany, Hungary, Ukraine, totally alien to our region.
    He did not mention what are these Europeans doing on our land? He
    tried to make it appear as if these are two people who had always lived
    on that land. He thinks if the Ashkenazi was to grant some kinds of rights
    to the Palestinians that the Palestinians would bow down to the Ashkenazi
    for his kindness. No, no, the moment the Palestinians have the weapons
    they need in their hands, then they will force the aliens to return home.

    Hammond needs to pay attention to this:

    Lieutenant Colonel Harold B. Hoskins
    March 5, 1945.

    I said that the Zionists had attacked me particularly for the statement
    in my 1943 report that a Zionist State in Palestine could be installed
    and maintained only by force. I asked the President (Roosevelt)
    if he agreed with this conclusion, which the Zionists continue to
    deny most aggressively, and he said he fully agreed with me.


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