Sun. Sep 27th, 2020

50 thoughts on “Ok guys, lets talk.

  1. I like good snow the kind you make homemade ice Cream with.Do you know any powerful white people?

  2. I wish I knew who I am because various people have different opinions of who I am. I was born in 1946 in Covington Kentucky across the river from Cincinnati, Ohio. We moved to Cincinnati when I was an infant.
    My grand parents on my mother’s side were the only ones I knew, because my biological father was the preacher at the church and I never met he or his parents. My grandfather, who lived to the ripe old age of 100, was a white man who married my grandmother who was black. He lived as a black man and always said he was black. When he came to visit us, the people in the neighborhood would often ask “who is that white man ho comes to your house”?. The white man was feared in the black community at that time. But he and my mother were always the stars of the show, He called her “Sis”.
    We were very poor and were homeless sometimes. When my mother’s husband left when I was eleven. Times got hard and a gentleman my mother knew offered to take me to live with him in Illinois. I was eager to go with this stranger and we left a week later. I never cried a tear. Just hopped in the car and left and was gone for two straight years. I saw an integrated neighborhood for the first time in my life and this was 1959.
    My mother finally got a unit in the projects and moved the family there. I went back home then. The man who rescued me from poverty and destitution was gay. I didn’t know anything about that until much later. My siblings still talk about me going to live with that gay man. All I can say is that they were the best two years of my youth.
    My experience there showed me the importance of setting goals and getting an education to achieve them. I didn’t know exactly what I was going to do, but I knew I had to finish high school. I did that and went into the military during the Viet Nam war. I served four years and one in Southeast Asia. I met my first love while in Thailand. That was fifty years ago and I still think about her.
    After discharge from the Air Force, I worked at the Post Office for a while and then left to attend college. Graduated with a double major and then went to work for the Navy as an accountant, and then the IRS as an agent. And then US Immigration as an inspector, where I worked for twenty years and retired.
    I started my real estate business while working and ended up with 25 buildings.
    I was married three times, had one biological child who died 24 years ago.
    As far as race is concerned. I would have to write another long comment on that. I’ll just say it was always a problem but I never got bitter about it and my very best friend in life was white.

  3. You got white privilege?But that’s another subject.You do marketing?I want to know why a good black series”THE GOD FATHER OF HARLEM” haven’t camed back on yet?Everytime a good black show(even though this one white people hand is in it)comes on and the blacks are killing white people the show is temporary????I want a answer?

  4. You didn’t watch the BLACK slave series that camed in for 1 season in I think 2017 if not 2018.The black singer produce it John something a pertty boy his wife co started in lip song with LL cool J?I forget if lifetime had it or another out let.But it was real good but black slaves was rising up and killing the white slave master’s it did not get another season and was doing GREAT.You never heared of god father of harlem bumpy Johnson Forest Whitaker played him a lot of white people plays in it it’s a hit.You don’t believe in white privilege?Please dont do a post on it!

  5. It’s a story they want show,they was white and racist.Go to the “Roman catacombs”Google it? and see how ancient israelites looked in european’s own history that they stole out the middle East pictures over 1600yrs old

  6. It’s other people involved besides the writers when it comes to a series.I know Forest Whitaker is one of the EP but he’s not the only producer.The station could of drop the show like that slave show.They have not said when the next episode is coming on of yet

  7. thanx for thinking about me. i’ve been avoiding world community lately because…
    it’s an election year and i’m charged up to take on those who oppose donald trump. iow i’m full of fight and vigor and would not contribute in a positive way to wc. wait for the election to end and i promise to return…as a gentler, kinder dp.

  8. Johnny, what is happening to you? I am very worried.
    Did you fell out of the center of gravity?
    Please send a note letting us know what is happening with you.


  9. “thanks for thinking about me.” I always think of you. 🙂

    Another spring day here, we will have 3c today. the sky is bright and people are happier than usual.

    Enjoy your Sunday, DP.

  10. Not really. You put ANY “elite” in a one on one situation with me and… well… money only goes so far. Extreme example but bubbles burst easy. Or? Achoo! Caronavirus! Ha! Gotcha!

  11. Yes of course, all children are biologic. And the kids I inherited are all my kids, and they actually adopted me as their father by putting my name on all their school records as their father.
    But we are not related biologically.

    BTW. The youngest is now 49 and nothing has changed.

  12. I never seen white people kiss black asses ever but we have just seen this reality in the Democrat primary in South Carolina.Did I hear a song from the movie super fly in Joe Biden victory speech??

  13. I live close to one of the largest lakes, here in Canada. 🙂
    I was asking where are you lately, here in the website.

    The happy thing here is that this morning I hear birds singing! This means that spring is almost here.😃

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