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23 thoughts on “Palestinians deserve a courageous leadership

  1. Which Land? There was never a county called Palestine. Do Jews get to go back to Jerusalem and other Arabs states that expelled them?

  2. this will possible happen. just that palestina will be a bit smaller than in 1949. but with an airport.^^

  3. So maybe you can answer. Please tell me when there was an official country called Palestine. Bishadi is Terrorist underground…..his words are worthless

  4. What year specifically did they steal Palestine?. Jews have lived in the region even under the Ottoman Empire and before that were wasn’t an Arab in sight. Jews and Christians are the original Natives while Muslims came in the 7th Century and stole the land though war and terror……that’s ok right?. I guess you also missed in 1948 when Israel and Palestine was giving statehood by the UN community but 5 Arab armies refused their land and attacked Israel and lost? How is that forcibly creating a state on someone land when the Arabs never claimed it? Arabs denied their own country called Palestine; not the Jews

  5. Google: Palestinian Muslims. What do you see? A lot.

    Google: Palestinian Christians. What do you see? A lot.

    Google: Palestinian Jews. What do you see? Nothing.

    And that is because there have been no indigenous Jews living
    in Palestine for as long as anyone can remember. The ancient
    Jews converted first to Christianity and then to Islam until none
    were left. The Palestinians of today scattered around the globe
    are descended from the ancient Hebrews. The European Jews
    are 100% European according to their own DNA.


    You do not understand that 95% of the Jews of the world are the
    Ashkenazi who according to their DNA are 100% European and who were never known in the region but who came as Zionists in 1882 masquerading as Israelite. The Algerians kicked out the French and you are saying the Palestinians cannot kick out the European Jew because he calls himself a Jew? He can call himself a kangaroo but that does not make him native of Australia, does it? The European Jew is 100% alien to our region the Middle East. We do not know him and he does not know us. He is in our region looking for free Arab land.

  7. LMAO you just said the Jews were there before Christianity and Muslims and you are actually trying to convince people that Jews are not indigenous to the land? Thanks….you already proved my point

  8. Impersonating Truman!

    This information is posted at none other than the Truman
    online library and Truman was wondering who was impersonating
    him. The Jews were short of 3 votes to secure their state and
    they called many countries to whom US funds were promised and
    told them that it was Truman himself speaking to them and they
    were told unless they voted in favor of the Zionist project
    that they would not get the promised funds. They believed it
    was Truman speaking to them and 3 changed their vote from -no-
    to -yes-. Haiti, Philippines and I forgot the 3rd one.

    Google: Truman online Library Edwin M Wright interview.

  9. For hundreds of years there was no Jewish presence in
    Palestine and with the beginning of Zionism they began to ship
    Europe’s homeless and indigent Jews to Palestine to live off
    welfare they call “haluka” and these indigent Jews were the
    first to arrive in Palestine.

  10. That will be prevented if Hamas and the PA are not allowed to work together as any time they have tried to come together israel has not allowed it, their divide and conquer policy continues.

  11. We do not know the European Jews and they do not know us.
    They arrived claiming to be returning after 2,000 years. It
    is such a bizarre fiction they like to peddle. You are saying
    the Palestinians should have told the white man known as the
    Ashkenazi to give them whatever piece of land the Ashkenazi
    decided was good enough for the indigenous people? Remember
    the French were in Algeria for 130 years, in Tunisia for 75
    years and in Morocco for 44 years and none of them are left
    now, they have been pushed out. Tell me the reason why the
    European Jew in Palestine must not be pushed out?

  12. The source of this info is the American Jewish Committee yearly
    Jewish stats. Between 1940 and 1950, the Jewish population of
    Arab countries rose by 170,000 and the reason was the Arabs
    were not independent to stop unwanted migrants arriving at their
    shores . European countries wanted to get rid of their Jews and the
    colonized Arab lands were their destination. We see a drastic
    decrease in Jewish population after Morocco and Tunisia gained
    independence in 1956 and Algeria in 1962. 90% of Jews in Algeria
    went to France after independence because they were French citizens

    Year ….Total Jews in Arab countries
    1940 ….705,000
    1945 ….725,000
    1950 … 875,000
    1955 … 683,250
    1960 … 567,250
    1965 … 246,000
    1982 … 76,470

  13. The 1922 census showed the total number of Jews in Palestine to
    be 83,790. The total number of Jews who came to Palestine
    between 1882 and 1923 was 115,000. Therefore, there were less
    Jews in 1922 than all those who entered and the reason is because
    many of them left shortly after they went to Palestine. Therefore,
    there were no Jews in Palestine prior to 1882.

    1st Aliyah ….. 1882-1903 ….. 35,000 …. Jewishvirtuallibrary
    2nd Aliyah …. 1904-1914 ….. 40,000 …. Jewishvirtuallibrary
    3rd Aliyah ….. 1919-1923 ……40,000 …. Jewishvirtuallibrary

    Year … Source …….. Total …….. Moslems …. Jews … Christians
    1922 … Census ……..752,048 … 589,177 …. 83,790 .. 71,464


  14. funny is, this op could have been written by me. it are excactly my arguements. but your ambassador has not many fans here. he is already close to persona non grata.^^
    your best ambassador here i knew was john kornblum. but perhaps he was jewish. we have a personal letter from him in our family and since then my uncle wears a stetson in his nissan.^^

  15. So what’s about Jews who lived in the region for thousands of years? You kick them out too? Why? Because they are Jews?

  16. Now with your maps you’ve displayed the stupidity of Palestinian leadership. From 1948 until the present they have only lost territory that was originally assigned to be used for a “State of Palestine”. By 1967 it was clear already that if the Arabs violently resist then they will lose their territory to be used as buffer zones by the Israelis. And if you look closely and measure the area in the beginning it was about an even split between Israel and the future State of Palestine. What a bunch of dumb fks those Palestinian leaders are while stuck in their chest beating gorilla ways.

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