Mon. Sep 28th, 2020

1 thought on “Please Don’t Turn Away

  1. Beautiful history of love and caring.
    Here where I live, fortunately there are a lot of good people, more than bad ones.
    I receive a lot of good deeds from men, women, young people and even from my Angel-grandchild…the care is abundant and loving.
    I remember, so many times when I was carrying bags post shopping, people will stop to offer to carry my bags. 馃檪 they are simple things, but highly valuable to many people because it is a sign of human kindness, winch this world is in much need of human love towards each other, regardless of race, religion, skin color, age and social status.
    May God Bless to all of our friends and visitors of our virtual home.
    A particular wish to our dear friend June, who is under too much distress related to some issues. I wish June and family Happy Marry Christmas, and a blessed 2020, likewise for all my friends and my virtual friends who left and those who are still here beside us, supporting, caring and loving us, all.
    Marry Christmas
    Prosperous 2020! ****Look how beautiful this number looks!

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