Please Don’t Turn Away

A few years ago I read the story of a young man that I’ve thought about ever since.

It was Thanksgiving and he was at his mother’s house. He needed to get in his van and go get something, but when he backed out of the driveway, a drunk driver slammed into him.

The young man woke up in the hospital to find himself permanently paralyzed. He is now confined to a wheelchair.

He said one thing that bothers him about his predicament is that when he’s out and about, most people will not look at him! Most of them just look away.

Maybe this comes from when we’re children. Our parents tell us not to stare at people who are different. But imagine if people all averted their gaze when they saw you.

So instead, the next time you see a person in a wheelchair, please remember to look him or her in the eye and smile. Say “hi” or something and you might just make their day.

I had never really thought about this and I’m sure many people don’t. We don’t even realize we’re looking away. Most of us never imagine what it feels like to be the person in the wheelchair.

But now we know about this problem. One that’s easy to fix. Christmas is the perfect time to show some cheer and goodwill anyway, so why not?

Please try it. This small gesture can make you both feel great.

Have a Merry Christmas, everyone. 鉂わ笍馃巹馃槏