Thu. Sep 24th, 2020

5 thoughts on “Poland’s president is right to boycott Auschwitz commemoration in Israel

  1. The European Jews who erected “holocaust” memorials in countries
    that had nothing to do with the “holocaust” were greedy and shameless
    opportunists. Why stop there? Why not pass a law that says each
    country in the world must remember the dead Jews.

    These countries remember the dead Jews of WW2.

    Argentina · Australia · Austria · Belarus · Belgium · Brazil · Bulgaria ·
    Canada · China · Croatia · Cuba · Czech Republic · Estonia · France
    · Germany · Greece · Hungary · Israel · Italy · Japan · Latvia · Lithuania
    · Mexico · Netherlands · New Zealand · North Macedonia · Norway
    Philippines · Poland · Romania · Russia · Serbia · Slovakia · Slovenia
    · South Africa · Spain · Suriname · Sweden · Taiwan · Ukraine ·
    United Kingdom · United States · Uruguay

  2. Hard to understand such a snub to Poland. And Putin will be allowed by Israel to voice his rewriting of world history. I think the Russians must have some kind of Kompromat, which is Russian word for compromising material, on either Netanyahu or Israel for them not to invite Poland to the commemoration.

  3. “World Holocaust Forum Foundation (headed by Russian oligarch Viatcheslav Moshe Kantor)”

    but poles have already a bit longer a quarrel with israel.

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