I wrote this poem for one of my grandsons.  His father came from a “drug” family and he followed in line despite my admonitions against it.  Like many young black men, drug use got him arrested and into health problems.  He is my daughter’s oldest son, so she asked me to write a poem to let him know we all care about him.


Jessie said “you are somebody”.

Martin gave us hope

Why are you dealing with a man

Who can only sell you dope?

You have all the pride you’ll ever need

To propel you to the stars

Just look around you to remind yourself

Who you truly are

Pride is something you have within yourself

It’s even there when you feel ashamed

When you get back up after life knocks you down

It’s pride that get’s you up again

When you find yourself in last place

Don’t fret because its not for long

Let your pride become a powerful storm

And the force will bring you back home

Copyright Ronald Salter