Thu. Sep 24th, 2020

1 thought on “Putin youth (Hamburg-) Altona 96 against homophobie

  1. its ironic. the author is himself russian and lives in germany. i like his style of sarcasm. putin is actually changing the russian constitution. the last time he did this was when he was sort of chancellor. then he shifted the power, by changing the constitution, to the president and became elected as president. so putin had always the power despite he was on different jobs.
    would be something like beeing the american president, only be able to be elected 2 times as president. then changing the constitution and transfer the power to, well u dont have it, but lets say the leader of the republicans. so trump would have his 3rd term not as president but as leader of the republicans who tells your president what he has to do.

    “The old prime minister will not be thrown away either, a new post will be created for him, as deputy to the Security Council he will remain a possible number two in the state, maybe he will be the successor? ”
    medvedev, the old prime minister was expected as next president when putin has to quit in 2024 and was considered as more liberal as putin. but he has now to quit his job as prime minister and will become deputy of the security council. so putin checks a new guy as prime minister for later.^^

    putin youth altona 96 against homophobie pokes fun on the fact that putin is against homosexuals but the power in the kremlin is shared solely between old men.^^

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