Red Man

I am appalled at the shooting of a young man, in Philadelphia, by the police in Philadelphia over a call of domestic violence.  The man had mental problems and was in his own neighborhood, with his mother and relatives nearby.  He was shot to death because he held a knife which the police saw as a threat to a squad of them.  He was shot multiple times by   multiple officers.  The threat took multiple officers to end.  Did the threat require an execution by multiple officers in front of all these people which included children?  Who will be hurt forever by this ?  Why the use of guns by multiple officers?  One shot might have ended the threat,

This was murder by police, who acted as outlaws here.  And none will apologize.

Human life is simply too valuable for this non sense,

I am a retired Federal Officer and graduate of the Federal Law Enforcement Academy.  in firearms training, we were trained to always value life at all cost.  When faced with an assailant with a knife.  We had an officer who would dress up as what we called the “Red Man”.  He wore a padded suit and was trained on how to disarm the man with a knife.  That was done after after a proper assessment.  This would work in training.  Then there is a baton which can be used.  There is also a stun gun and pepper spray.  All non lethal.  This was someone’s father, son, cousin, husband, relative.  Who were these cops?  Were they concerned about this human being?  Were they from the neighborhood?  Were they of the same race?

Isn’t this why we need Police Reform?