Tue. Sep 29th, 2020

17 thoughts on “Should Pot Be Legal Throughout the US?

  1. I think the crime rate would go down if weed and crack and other drugs was legal.I think addiction is a real problem and prison is not the solution.I have a close friend in rehab now in Florida I don’t know if it’s going to help him we knew each other sense 13yrs.Hes been playing around with hardcore drug’s sense 18yrs then his mom and dad is hardcore users even though his mon pass in 2012.I don’t know what the scholars say about medical weed.I know smoking it is not good for you eating it I don’t know but we seen this chemical in marijuana have helped very sick kids and people.I think drug dealer’s should be dealt with but not life in prison.Anyone that have to do some digits in prison something is wrong with that system or that person one have to go!

  2. I don’t think no drug from alcohol to weed or the hardcore drug’s are good for you all burn brain cells and alter the mind.In God eyes I am against any type of getting high even off gas or wholeing your breath to long.Sometime we have to experiment with these devil’s to get burnt I rather get burnt in this world than the nexts.

  3. If the ceo’s and Doctor’s that work with these pharmaceutical companies don’t get life or 10yrs on prison a drug dealer should not either.But once the drug dealer has been warned of its verbal or getting his back lashed.Death to all that try to bring down a righteous community!

  4. Marijuana, triggers mental illness. For example if a person’s carries genes of mental illness, marijuana will trigger the disease and that in turn will drain the Health System and eve health Insurances for some country like USA will dramatically increase, and Insurance members who are not into drugs will end up paying the Insurances Increases…
    All recreational drugs, illicit or not should not be made allowed in society, it is asking for societal problems, more than we already have.

  5. Alcohol kills millions worldwide, cigarettes are more addictive than heroine and result in the death of millions worldwide. I can’t recall anyone dying from pot overdose but it is bad for the lungs. Methamphetamine ruins it’s users lives by negative affects on the mental processes and it’s addictive qualities. LSD impairs rational thought while under it’s influence. Religion deludes it’s users into thinking they’re going to have another turn at life in an imaginary place after death. Some of it’s practitioners blow themselves up and get 70 virgins in paradise after doing so. I think it amusing that education about substance abuse is replaced by legal interference in peoples choices of drug or philosophy they choose to follow considering the harm equated with uneducated choices.

  6. Dear Lenna, drug addicts are mainly losers, people who have no real life, their sole purpose in their existence is to have their mind and soul in catatonic state; they are like deadly worms in a society, eating the taxpayers efforts, creating bad example for our youngsters, and disease carriers, and more, they are unable to hold a viable job, because their being is controlled by illicit drugs and to complicated the situation rehabilitation rarely works for them.
    Here where I live for some reason, we have an overwhelming amount of really beautiful young men and women lost in illicit drugs, and many others with deep mental illness. Perhaps it is because we have a small community and well equipped hospitals, I don’t know why we have so many of them. Someone took many thousands of dollars from the backyard of my home! I caught the person at 2 AM! stealing and very close my home window! Since then I am even frightened to go to my backyard!
    On the back of my property there is a home, transformed to 4 apartments and they are rented to all sort of people, the thieves lived there and climbed my fence to get to my home and steal…
    Lenna, here i see empty containers of vanilla, in bus stops, and I saw people drinking it straight from the bottle. They are obligated even to steal in order to get their illicit drugs.

  7. I come at this from a law enforcement point of view. As a black federal law enforcement officer, I’ve intercepted many drugs coming into the country. Most people don’t know why drugs are illegal in the first place, since the fact that they use them is an indication of approval.
    Marijuana is a very popular drug and is used by all classes of people. No one can say that it is worse than cigarettes which are addictive and causes cancer and other respiratory diseases. Marijuana has medicinal qualities and can be prescribed for those purposes. But, because it is prohibited in many places, one can be arrested for its possession and spend an inordinate amount of time in jail for possession with the intent to sell.
    If legal, it is simply no longer a crime and can relieve law enforcement of the duty of investigating and arresting individuals for it”s use.
    The percentage of black men in jail for committing this infraction is astronomical. The cost of incarcerating one inmate for one year is between 35k and 65k per year. That money can be better spent elsewhere.

  8. Partake of the green herb I give thee…but don’t eat fish that don’t have fins or scales.

  9. people using drugs should simple be given to darwinism and become excluded from payments by health insurances. this would create a healthy society, empty your prisons and wont hurt your right to free speech.
    selling drugs should become decriminalisized also and one should collect VAT.

    “People in the Americas have used marijuana and other psychedelic for thousands of years, often as religious sacraments. ”

    today one can find these people in reservates doing show dances for tourists.

  10. I most certainly did not say that the impairment of rational thought under the influence of L.S.D. was a problem, I just stated it as a fact.
    The only reason I said religion was followed was that believers believe because they want to
    have an afterlife. Some theist followers are content to live a life with their philosophy purely as a guide to a good life on earth, however I would think the religions that don’t provide that scenario wouldn’t be attractive to the majority who go to a center of worship on a regular basis. That people today are superstitious is no surprise to me, the Bible is the most printed unread book on the planet. The majority of those who have a Bible have very little knowledge of it’s origins or when it was assembled and by who.
    Most Islam bashers are actually Christian in my experience, A very unchristian thing to do, to boot.

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