This is How You Squeeze Every Penny Out of a Prepaid Credit Card

Right now for many of us, every penny counts.

You may receive unemployment payments on a prepaid card, or receive gifts and customer rewards.

What can you do with a $5 balance? Or with that 78 cents that you have left over at the end?

Imagine how much money the prepaid credit card companies sweep out of accounts with these tiny, trapped balances. Small amounts add up!

Amazon to the Rescue…

If you have an Amazon account, you can capture every penny!

Just log in and then from the upper left-hand menu, choose “Accounts & Lists.” Under “Your Account,” click “Gift Cards.”

Then follow the instructions and load your gift card with whatever balance you have left on your prepaid card. There is no minimum so you can transfer even pennies to your Amazon gift card and apply it to purchases whenever you want.

It’s quick and easy and the closure feels great.

Other Options?

If you know of any other place that offers this service, please let others know in the comments.