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18 thoughts on “Survival is the Logical Argument Against Homosexuality, Feminism and Transgender Madness

  1. You have correctly zeroed on the issue. It is in fact an all-out offence against the Western civilization (hmm what’s left of it). Unnatural sexuality being merely one of the items. It will be interesting to see how Switzerland voted today on the very issue of the acceptance of the unnatural… I hold very little hope for sanity… “tolerance” is a con-word, a trojan horse to weaken us one step further.

  2. “Isn’t the West aggressively promoting feminism, homosexuality, and transgenderism?”

    Feminism ? Women are equal to men, if not better! But the religiously biased have done huge damage to that basic common sense.
    Homosexuality? It’s perhaps the best method of using law, to force capitulation even with the religiously obtuse. it’s the one subject matter that the people of the religious state, lost and cannot win!

    transgenderism? That’s a crazy word as it is almost as ‘tupid as a christian-Jew, zionism or even darwinism. There is no promoting the changing of genders, except perhaps to the pedo preachers and their victims

  3. Ronald, the instinct of the life to procreate, is a survival mechanism. The very parts evolved for the process of survival, instinctively born to the living process.
    the very life, the very living process lives another generation. The sperm/egg are alive prior to copulation and upon combining become a cell capable of living another generation and procreate again.

    That is how all of us are here, one cycle at a time. What few comprehend, is each of us, are still alive since the very first. Now conscious and aware of the process.

  4. It is. Many men look naturally feminine just as some women masculine. What determines that? How we see them, right? But our perception of that is our own, others may see them as they are. Beauty is beauty to that individual observer.

  5. Because of this basic desire, most societies encourage family formation. You want people to marry and have at least enough

    Society should not dictate natural norms, bad idea! People want cohabitation, it’s a biological imperative, as is sex and wanting children. Society needs mo hand in this.

  6. What an absolute nonsense.

    Perhaps flourish doesn’t mean the same for everyone

    Societies or the human race aren’t threatened by the small proportion of it who doesn’t reproduce and this arguments is tiring. Too few people on our planet is thankfully not a cause for concern. Keeping the existing population which is still growing at an alarming and unsustainable rate (despite homosexuality) safe and healthy in terms of tackling hunger, poverty, water issues, environmental degradation and political instability, infections, diseases etc is a concern and that is where the real challenges are in terms of the future for mankind. This seems to be taken into little or no consideration at all.

    Who said it was hard to understand?

    The “natural” argument against homosexuality is always entertaining as it is nearly always comes from people who have no problem at all with things being “unnatural” when it comes to supernatural religions as in hijabs, human sacrifice, genital mutilation, prayer to name but a few… Nothing natural with any of that.

    “But what if for some reason you don’t want a society to flourish? What if for some reason you want a society to wither and die? Or at least to weaken, perhaps so you can gain more control.”

    What if it is not quite as easy as it’s being put forward here…. What if flourish can mean something more than maximum fertility and reproduction for some? Why would that equal a wish for a society to wither and die? Well it doesn’t. It’s even absurd to claim.

    Is it absurd to think that a flourish society is where people have freedom and their human rights are protected (which include freedom of religion), where there are economical and social justice and power is not inherited?

    It is almost self-insulting to, in an obvious lack of further arguments than those that so easily can be disregarded, bring up a crazy political agenda from the 60s as if that would prove anything.

    And what is the author’s own answer to all this? Remove the clitoris from all young girls and make homosexuality illegal? That isn’t even, ironically enough, a crazy conspiracy theory.

  7. That is an opinion one can only hold if one have been exposed to the opposite. If the suppression of women and inequality wouldn’t have existed, then there would be no such thing as feminism.

    Just how much or little equality is justified for women? Is it ok for women to own property? To vote? Should men be allowed to physically punish women as long as they are married? Should children at the age of 13 (younger in “special circumstances”) be able to marry if they are girls but have to wait until 15 if they are boys? Female genital mutilation?

    Is feminism really all about weaken a society?

  8. This didn’t answer my question (as usual). Equality isn’t “being biologically the same” (who said it was?) but it is about same opportunities and rights. In some societies women aren’t even allowed an opinion so in that respect, you too are a feminist.
    I don’t pretend anything.
    It is easy for people to bring up the problem of transgender athletes in a pity attempt to avoid the real issues. Why should I, as a woman, not have the same legal rights and opportunities as a man? Why shouldn’t I be allowed to vote just because I am a woman?

  9. Even normies don’t. What men castrating themselves? Even so, those you mention, would you want them to procreate? I wouldn’t want weirdo genital mutilators having babies. Lol not that they could.

  10. I was going to finish my thoughts last night, but there was an incident. About that sterilization, i read about them doing that primarily to blacks somewhere in the southeast, not sure if it’s tied to your article. I remember reading it was targeted at blacks only.

  11. Amazing the amount of jokers who seem to be ‘genuinely’ believing in ‘equality’… and I understand that it is growing?… I am not sure that beauty is in the eyes of the believers though…

  12. Reverse Social Engineering
    But what if for some reason you don’t want a society to flourish? What if for some reason you want a society to wither and die? Or at least to weaken, perhaps so you can gain more control.

    This i understand. There are many degrees of this though. In one example this is how politics work.

  13. It is quite amazing the extent that people will go through to justify their bias’. Nothing in this narrative applies to homosexuality. Why? Because homosexuality does not affect the sex organs. If a gay person wants to have children, they simply have them with a member of the opposite sex. For instance both a gay man and a gay woman wants to have children. So they each can solve the others dilemma by engaging in sex for the purpose of making a pregnancy. So the objections to their being homosexual is rendered null and void. Even two straight people can get together to make a pregnancy. The straight woman might be on birth control pills. She can just stop taking them.
    Let’s face it. This is not about procreation, is it? Its about controlling the sexual activity of people in order to bring it into compliance with a religious belief. Sex is for pleasure and emotional appeasement to me and many others. I am 71 years old and have no interest in producing babies. But I have a need to satisfy for sex. So I do it for that purpose only. In fact, I have been sexually involved with many women all over the world. Although I have raised six children. I have only produced one and he is now deceased.
    There is no shortage of people in the world. In fact, many would argue that the world is over populated, given the amount of poverty and starvation there is. So its a farce to say we are going extinct from homosexuality. Homosexuality is mostly biological according to recent studies. So nature wants it that way. Just as nature produces hurricanes, tornadoes, diseases, earth quakes, wind storms etc, It produces things we don’t like. Just deal with what you like and what you don’t like. Because nature is in charge

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