Thanks to Trump – Olympic Games, European Football Championship and ESC relocated to the USA


Its possible! Luckily, since President Donald Trump wants the United States to be corona-free from Easter onwards, many prematurely rescheduled major events can now happily take place in the United States.


Eadsy breathe at the IOC, the Uefa and the European Broadcasting Union (EBU)! The Olympic Games, the European Football Championship and the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) do not have to be postponed and can now take place as planned.


This is also why it would be good for US citizens to distract themselves by competitions such as the Olympic Games or the ESC and to build up a healthy self-confidence, Trump said. Above all, the European singing competition should impressively prove to the Americans how much suffering there would be in Europe even without the Corona epidemic.


Anticipation among Dutch and New Londoners

Good to know for the fans: The ESC continues to take place in Holland. The city in Michigan is already looking forward to the numerous visitors with their infectious zest for life.


New London, Connecticut, is also very excited, because 22 millionaires from Europe are supposed to meet there on July 12 to boost the region’s economy. “I only know that they will wear shorts and want to do a bizarre ball game. But one should be able to earn a lot of money with it, ”Mayor Daryl Justin Finizio looks forward to the final of the European Football Championship 2020.


Putin feels insulted


The reason: The major events, which were canceled much too quickly, are being relocated to the United States, which, at the request of President Donald Trump, will not be bothered by the new corona virus in April.


Trump promises: variety through the ESC

“I would love to have the country open again by Easter and ready to go,” Trump said in a meaningful sporty manner on Fox News. A “massive recession or depression” threatened to kill more people than “flu,” as the president affectionately calls the lung disease Covid-19.

While Uefa is relieved that thanks to Trump, kickers are now spared a camp freaking out (“Fortunately we have no economic interests”), Russia is annoyed. In mid-March, the substitute host for the EM was brought into play and was not heard. “And that, although everyone knows that it is impossible for the novel corona virus to kill someone because of the nationwide state doping in this country,” President Vladimir Putin says contritely, “ask our athletes!”


Trump initially had concerns about the Olympics

Meanwhile, Donald Trump can hardly wait for the Olympic Games in the USA: “Full stadiums, people from all over the world who are in each other’s arms – this will be great! It’s a good thing that this doesn’t happen in Tokyo, I don’t trust the Chinese. ”


Nevertheless, the US President admits that he initially hesitated because of the unpredictable risks: “I was only fully involved when I heard that it was not about the Science Olympics!”