Tue. Aug 11th, 2020

15 thoughts on “The 6th Day

  1. People can actually be tricked into having memories that are not theirs, so if you tell someone your memories enough they will become their memories. So no they are not you even if a exact clone with memories.

  2. that danger exists, even in the movie your comment is used, but that is not the question

  3. i go to bed with a smile and wake up feeling great. During sleep the conscious experience is out, so like you incapable of describing the time as it applies to my feelings.

  4. When you sleep, your consciousness is out; are you dead?

    i practice the death that so many fear, every night but well aware that what i am doing while awake, is still in process, alive!

  5. The 6th day wasn’t that the last day that God worked and then He retired on the 7th Day and fishing and didn’t come back ?

  6. Clones belong in a circus. Besides, we have more than enough of these in our governments and universities. Funnily enough these clones dream of cloning the sheeple.

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