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26 thoughts on “The Middle East is heading towards hour zero By Zafer Senocak

  1. The problem in the middle east is what its always been Europe!It has to be a European ban In the Holy land!

  2. Many words to say: there is no solution, when were those countries a country? when they had a dictator

  3. Europeans sent the Jews they did not want in Europe to our land. These Europeans Jews are committed towards the destruction of all the counties of the Middle East. One cannot be productive is there if a tumor in his body. That tumor must be excised and thrown away for the body to begin to heal. The Arab people cannot find healing as long as foreign Jewry are still on stolen Arab land. We want them gone just like the people of the Congo wanted the Belgians gone. Why is that hard to understand?

  4. “Europeans sent the Jews they did not want in Europe to our land…”

    Stop. That is wrong. I didn’t read any further when I saw this glaring mistake. Europe tried to stop Jewish immigration to Israel after WWII

  5. The Europeans made us Jews return to our homeland just as was predicted by our Prophets!

  6. Except your blood ain’t got a tiny droplet of Abraham’s blood, your blood is completely Khazarian, is it not? Yes or no?

    Name…………………….. Ashkenazi ….. Middle Eastern
    Adrienn Brody……………. 75.0 % ………. 0%
    Alan Dershowitz…………. 98.5 % ………. 0%
    Bernie Sanders………….. 97.7 % ………. 0%
    Bill Maher………………….. 49.6 % ………. 0%
    Larry David………………… 97.8 % ………. 0%
    Neil Gaiman………………. 99.6 % ………. 0%
    Tony Kushner…………….. 97.5 % ………. 0%
    Ben Shapiro………………. 100 % ……….. 0%
    Gideon Levy………………. 100 % ……….. 0%
    David Pakman……………. 100 % ……….. 0%
    Rabbi Ruttenberg……….. 96.6 % ………. 0%
    Maya Rudolph……………. 49.9 % ………. 0%

  7. You know nothing about my blood, and to say you do, without actually knowing me, is asinine, as are your carpet statements and assertions in your comments–none of you really dared to answer any of the questions I asked as well!
    Mazel Tov.

  8. You know nothing about my blood, and to say you do, without actually knowing me, is asinine, as are your carpet statements and assertions in your comments–none of you really dared to answer any of the questions I asked as well!
    Mazel Tov.

  9. Again. You post promises rather than reality.

    Post what actually happened, not what people said.

  10. Actually they both chased you out and then obstructed your exodus. And yet the prophesy was fulfilled. 😊

  11. the fools consider the place as holy land…………. Jerusalem is the ‘city of blood’ per bible.

  12. The prophets DID point out what will end up happening: 8 The house of Israel hath been to Me for dross, All of them [are] brass, and tin, and iron, and lead, In the midst of a furnace — dross hath silver been,

    19 Therefore, thus said the Lord Jehovah: Because of your all becoming dross, Therefore, lo, I am gathering you unto the midst of Jerusalem,

    Home is where you rest your head. The home land is the place of birth.

    The nastiest bigots try to claim that a god gave them the land owned by others and they have a right to take it. BIBLE consider them the Dross!

  13. Man did that not good anywhere prophets walked is holy
    Most of all prophets walked in Jerusalem

  14. It dont take a scholar to read religious material. but it does take reading comprehension to identify that what many believe is based on mistaken ideas, beliefs and a horrid lack of reading comprehension.

    The old idea that a biblical scholar and scholars rule the meaning of the bible, is about as stupid as telling your own child that they will never be able to tie their own shows and must await you to even walk with their feet covered.

  15. You are wrong that’s like going to school as a child and graduate from high school just by reading the text yourself with no teacher.How dumb!

  16. the dumb, think a book of over 1000 yrs needs a teacher. The best thing a teacher could do, is remind the child, that the book is not the last word, nor the final unveiling of what is true.

    ps.. a child in school is learning far more subjects than just a religious opinion (book). In school a child can learn how to identify if a person is dead or alive, neither the bible nor quran can do that.

    I would trust a child being honest before a religiously biased teacher, every day of the week.

  17. The problem in this area is one of tribalism that, as the author’s observations indicate, seemingly cannot be remedied by any outside intervention. The plight of the Armenians and the Kurds are good examples of why this tribalistic mentality must be abandoned before the M.E. can reach the standard of living it is certainly capable of supporting

  18. I read this most boring article and the author seems not to know what he
    is talking about. Interesting how he seems to be so proud calling himself
    from the West. What ails the Middle East is Western interference. Have
    you not noticed the numbers of kings in the Middle East? It is the largest
    concentration than anywhere else on earth and these kings have been
    guaranteed they would never meet the fates of Saddam or Gaddafi as
    long as they are obedient to the West. The most devastating aspect of the
    region are foreign Jews who entered the region to conquer the area
    from the Nile to the Euphrates and they have never given up on that aim.
    These European Jews are Jews of the West and well connected with the
    powers of the West. Iraq was invaded and destroyed because the Jews
    in America were worried that Iraq was getting too powerful a military that
    might threaten the squatting Jews in Palestine. In 1973, Egypt almost sent
    the squatting Jews heading home except the US decided to pay Egypt and
    Jordan billions to be friendly to the squatting Jews. Our major problem are
    the squatting Jews in Palestine.

  19. well, never asked, but did you enjoy spain under franco and were it troublesome times after he died? 🙂

  20. The middle east has been a thriving civilization before Europe was ever mention and will still be one when Europe pays for its evil.

  21. There was “Israel” after WW2? You should have asked me to provide proof of what I was speaking, right?

    The Secretary of State
    To the Chargé at Algiers (Chapin)
    Washington, May 27, 1944

    Tito has promised support in rescue of Hungarian Jews. It is
    essential that we do what we can to facilitate the escape of Jews
    today in Hungary in view of their plight.

    The crux of this matter is the finding of suitable places of
    removal for these refugees
    . The following should be borne in
    mind in this connection:

    (a) These refugees should be moved to camps in the Middle East
    in the largest numbers possible.
    Every effort to supply sufficient
    medical and other personnel is being made by UNRRA.

    (b) Present plans to move as many Jewish refugees as possible
    should be carried out without delay. It should be borne in mind
    that in the case of Turkey, the policy that all Jews escaping into
    Turkey from the Balkan countries will be permitted to go to
    Palestine, has been adopted by the British. Checking of these
    refugees for security purposes occurs in camps in Palestine in
    which they are placed.

    (c) The establishment by the British, with our cooperation, of
    havens of refuge for these people in Tripolitania and Cyrenaica
    has been pressed by the Board for some time. To date there
    have been no results.

    (d) The possibility that some of these refugees might be taken to
    Sicily suggested by the President. The possibility of this,
    together with a substantial expansion of facilities on the Italian
    mainland, should be carefully explored.

    (e) It is not considered desirable to bring refugees from Italy to
    Camp Lyautey at Fedhala since all accommodations of that
    camp must be kept available for refugees from Spain. There
    should be borne in mind however the possibility of establishing
    other camps in French North Africa for refugees from Italy.

  22. Dude, it was the Jews land long before the Arabs! I suggest everyone needs to learn to work together, and set their ‘Hate Baggage’ aside. The Arab that was born there has as much right as anyone else, but the bulk of Israelis today are probably Sabra, so they find themselves, in the same boat, in our ancestral homeland! Everyone needs to learn to work together.
    I’ve got a question maybe someone can answer, why do the Arab Quarters look like landfills? The Israelis spent 28 mill something revamping the sanitation system, and the Arab Sectors look like dumps with their kids running around in garabage in the front yard! There’s empty dumpsters sitting on the street in East Jerusalem, and Arabs choose to walk on Garabage. Across the Kidron from the old city is a hillside spotted with garabage bags and mattresses, while Dipsy Dumpsters on the streets sit empty? Why?
    Nazareth is this way, as well as most of the Arab West Bank, so whats the deal?
    Meahsherim doesn’t look like this, so why, if its the Palestinian homeland, do they treat their living areas as a DUNG HEAP?
    Also, for all the supposed piousness of Islam, why do I hear gansta rap music comming from the Arab apartments blairing up and down the streets?
    I’m not buying it. The only reason the Arabs make a fuss is because of the Hatred towards Jews!

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