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8 thoughts on “The physical description of the Prophet Muhammad and his descendants.

  1. IBN sa’d Kitab al-tabagat al-kabir on the authority of abd ALLAH b.abbas yazid al-farisi said:I saw the messenger of God in a dream during the time ibn Abbas(was governor) over Basra.I said to ibn Abbas.I saw the messenger of ALLAH in a dream.Ibn Abbas said verily the messenger used to say.Satan cannot assume my form,so he who saw me in a dream surely had a vision of me.Can you describe to me what you saw?Yazid said yes.I will describe him.He was a man between two men.His body and flesh were Brown and blemish free with a sheen(asmar ila al-bayad)smiling eyes with collyrium,features of his face beautiful.His beard was thick from this end to that the man pointed to his two temples with his hands.It was so thick that it covered his neck.There upon ibn Abbas said had you seen him while awake you could not have described him better than this.

  2. IMAM al-suyuti book tarikh al-khulaff(the history of the kaliphs)Ali ibn TALIB ra he was heavyset bald,hairy man of avg.height which leaned towards shortness.He had a large stomach and a large beard.His beard was white as if it was cotton and he was a black skinned man.

  3. IMAM MAHDI-a man of avg.height,dark,macthum(having a beard shape that is smoothed,longer downwards compared to sides)kawsaj(sparsely bearded at the sides)(IBN hajar al-haythami,al-fatawa al-hadithiyya,p.41)Now this is over 1400yrs later.

  4. The truth about not only Muhammad saw and his family color but the original ancient Arabs has always been out there it’s just moslems and nonmoslems trying to cover the truth by whitewashing it.Anyone can Google “KEDAR”I knew about this famous ancient Arab when I was eating pork he’s Ishmael second son.His whole biblical tribe was famous and known for their JET blackness to the point kedar itself means BLACK.

  5. PhD Wesley Muhammad has a authenticated by Traditions passed down from traditional ulama on the color of the tribes of Muhammad and his whole family on bothsides and his descendants.Just Google”HIS DADDY WAS BLACK ,HIS MOMMA WAS BLACK.SO A LOOK AT PROPHET MUHAMMAD LINEGE.

  6. Al-tirmidhi in his jami’al-sahih the most famous book of the description of Muhammad saw ever!!(v1.69no.1754) reports on the authority of the famous companion of the prophet,Ana’s b.maik:The messenger of Allah was of stature,neither tall nor short with a beautiful,dark brown complexion body(HASAN al-jism ask at al-lawn)his hair was neither curly nor completely straight and when he walked he leant firward:This is found as well in ibn sa’d kitab al-kabiry:123.Ahmad b.hanbal,husband.111,dala I’m al-nubuwwah 1203

  7. Lisa al-arab the well known Arabic dictionary by Ibn manzur.The Arabs don’t say a man is white(or”white man,”rajul abya)due to a white complexion.Rather whiteness (al-abyad)with them means an external appearance that is free from blemish(al-zahir al-naqi min al-uyub)when they mean a white complexion they say red(ahmar) when the Arabs say so and so is white (abyss bayda) they (only) mean a noble character(al-karam fi l-akhlaq) not skin color.It is when they say so and so is red (ahmar-hamra) that they mean white skin.And the Arabs attribute white skin to the slaves.This fact clears up a lot of misunderstanding when a laymen reads hadiths and say it said he was white if its Muhammad saw or who ever.It also proofs that it was just as many white slaves in ancient arabia than black slaves which people love attributing to blacks even though the arabs was black in ancient arabia.It was Romans in Syria and Persia.I have other proofs from classic ulama on when Arabs say white and so forth

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