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15 thoughts on “This is How You Can Debunk Propaganda

  1. Rare that I read an article and agree with every word written but the author should have added a further and crucially important variable which is omitted in Truth Seeking.

    We all come at information with a set of presuppositions and prejudices depending on our “Worldview”.
    This determines, often times, the quality and quantity of the juice you are able to extract from the “information fruits” you push into your “mental blender” as well as your attitude to testimony of others.
    Questioning and Reasoning and Inspecting your own Worldview at the outset of the Truth Quest is therefore part of process too!

    As an example – it took me a long time to admit that Pedophiia was so rampant amongst the Power Elite – the very thought of MK Ultra type,systematised, mind shattering abuse of kids is not recognisable as a possibiltiy for a Christian Worldview.
    Thus I missed many clues and signs in my own quest for Truth and did not understand that Blackmail is a highly effective binding tool in those Power Elites

    Once I understood that “The Talmudic Worldview” was being funded by a rigged “Money System”- the Geopolitics began to make sense.

  2. It’s always a pleasure and an education to read your excellent work. I’m interested in whatever you have to say.

    Disqus is getting clunkier all the time. I have to re-log in every time I want to even upvote something. And it keeps asking me if I’m a robot. Robots can’t lie?

  3. Semantics is a MDW. Always be careful with the words which you choose… they are often imposed on you and loaded with double-meanings (always weakening your capacity to resist and fight back). Two instances (a new one and a well-established one):

    1. “Migrants” are “IMmigrants”; they are not merely passing by; they have been despatched to our countries to stay;

    2. Our people are never “killed” when sent to fight (to cater for third parties’ interests): nonoh… we suffer “casualties”.

  4. They do it constantly on our mediatic screens. You can tell ‘caus’ their lips are moving.

  5. Not “reptilians” (always try and remain fair to animal life — THEY are doing their best)… just plain idiots.

  6. Thanks, Italo.
    When robots become accepted members of society there will be Robot History Month and we’ll be reminded of our past mistreatment of robots when they weren’t even allowed to vote.

  7. SHEKELWASHING: Take care with the Icke plant, he, like Alex Jones and Russell Brand, of hidden hand slant, divide and fool, mixing truth with lies, a function of his Khazar ties.

  8. Bringing the house down: Following, no (The Eagle follows not;-)); and likely, maybe, possibly a funded short-term psyop set up to ‘bring into the light the names of those who the Khazars oppose’, who knows, Catsoy’s livestream, not seen, so, I don’t know.

  9. I like the term, “SHEKELWASHING”. 😆
    That’s how they do it. Some of the truth with just the right amount of lies and disinformation to unwittingly fool the goyim to believe whatever BS they are pushing currently.

  10. Pushing currency: Uhu, ’tis so as you say, Kroenen, disinformation, misinformation, misdirection, a near-fatal brain infection, cured by ‘waking the fluvck up’ and not tolerating any bullshyte as designed and spread by the (((hidden hand))) clan, the cornholehoaxvirus (or its variant, the cornrowhoaxvirus) a case in point, the number of ‘dead, dying and crocodile tears crying’ will soon exceed the hollowhoax threshold, 6 million more lies to file in the archive, but then life’s a gas, the wheel spinning now faster than a 100 yard dash!

  11. Hum interesting… there is no doubt there are elements of truth in this article and this website but the answer from ‘world community’ to the chaos we see all around is close to ‘utopia’ and ‘unrealistic’!
    How can you ask mankind to come together in a big ‘awakening’ to realize the subterfuge of this system of things and become aware suddenly about all the lies and manipulation they are under?
    Unfortunately only a few with very high insight will get there but for the majority of human the ‘matrix‘ is what they know and want in life and swallow the blue pill!
    That is why i put my faith/hope in God the Almighty and His Word the Bible because if you are waiting for a miracle from a human point of view, Well you are going for… a big disappointment! there is no real and sustainable wisdom here among our pairs to steer us away for the coming worldwide disaster!
    Am i pessimistic? not really… more like a realistic kind of guy and contrary to this website I have a strong conviction that, the loving God i believe in, as the only solution available and will come to the rescue and is powerful enough to get us out of this mess!

    Some say diversity Erodes Social Cohesion in the West… but it is the social engineering ‘unicorn’ or fairy tales with no real motivation and wisdom that really make it impossible to work in the first place! Can human’s abilities replace God somehow?
    I am not against diversity of races but against weird beliefs like fake religions and against some humans who are forcing to our throat like a goose incoherent beliefs that destabilize communities and people… i can’t stand nationalism (or liberalism for that matter…) but accept any races that God has created as part of descendant of the same common parent of whole mankind. Now the lack of cohesion in our society is link to beliefs and the misunderstanding of God and His benchmarks… it is what really cause the chaos, some secular and liberal/progressive try to emulate certain aspects of the God’s wisdom from the Bible by considering for example ‘all human as a big family’ but forget to acknowledge God as their Father and Author… they end up with a mess of biblical proportion because they can’t implement any of their policies due to their rejection of some basic and obvious truths… like what is brotherhood? where do we come from? what is our true purpose in life?etc…. by doing so they delude themselves into philosophical ‘humanist’ ventures which usually make non sense to anyone and can’t access any kind of general consensus because they are very hard and obscure to follow like this video mention very well!

    In coniungere opinionem
    God helps us all! (Deus adjuvat omnium nostrum!)

  12. I can embrace about 90-95% of what you are advancing here Lenna. However, I consider Naomi Klein to be an agent of the darkest beating hearts on the planet. She is an ardent advocate of collectivist doctrine and loathes the freedom of the individual, as made manifest through free market activity or even privacy of thought.

  13. Excellent.

    You will, however, find that the two routes are already encompassed in the development of logic in Greek philosophy (and most likely others).

    Lovely pic of ‘Troudeau’, Canada’s agitated, highly emotive ‘diver’… but shouldn’t the hand of whatever is hiding under the dark and plain attire rather be hidden under Trou d’eau’s pants, as it befits your typical ventriloquist’s puppet? And commenting on the short video: all of it is obvious. That it has to be re-exhumed, resting on academical research is mind boggling. It is a tell-tale sign of the amazing level of ignorance of this ‘exciting’ XXIst Century.

    As for Switzerland* – a commonly used reference within academical communities – and the relative success (so far – pending rising ethnic problems only willing to surface once that the sleeping dogs will start to awake upon receiving specific signals) of this modern (1815) confederation of « Cantons » and geographically distinct layout of four rather different languages; handle the subject with care – as I believe that it is « par excellence » a case of the correct, workable, scale for a very specific historical evolution which is generally traced back to around 1291 and has been heavily revised by Metternich and Talleyrand as a side decision of the Congress of Vienna. The ‘traditional’ Swiss ‘solution’ is not likely to be easily grafted on larger geographical entities.

    Always bear in mind that this small country is roughly twice the size of the Kruger National park… and due to the abundance of mountains, the truly useful horizontal part of the territory is rather limited in size.

    * The Swiss are notoriously slow… possibly – yet not only – because of their carefulness when having to make decisions.

  14. hum The problem is not diversity but unity in diversity, not on races but in beliefs… that is the real conundrum!
    The multiplicity of beliefs make it impossible to unite mankind under one rule or make it more peaceable, despite the fact we originated from the same pair of humans… only God the Almighty can actually perform such an outcome of unity as human have only a limited scope of understanding and wisdom. Beliefs in this world are so numerous and diverse it is difficult to make a precise account… one of the greatest misconception about belief is that it is link to God but when you investigate you realize very quickly it can come in different forms like Atheism, Materialism, Buddhism, Humanist philosophies, Democrat, Conservatism, Communism, Socialism, Liberalism, Secularism, Progressivism etc… many people forget that they are all beliefs! In this context it can be difficult to find a consensus and not being drawn in this sea of ideas, ways and concepts! You add to that, many different ways to view God, with more than 4,300 Religions worldwide, and you have a massive head heck if you want to bring all these people together as one human family.

    Now Jesus Christ simplified the all process by only using just two roads in our quest for the truth, a truthful belief and its opposite (lies)!
    After that, it is a process of elimination, according to criteria like peace, science, love, logic, harmony cohesion, enhancement, dignified etc…. but you need an investigative mind on that one! “Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free…”
    Some say “Curiosity killed the cat… but satisfaction brought it back!, there is nothing wrong in investigation, it refines our understanding of things, keep our point of view balance and exciting as we see variety in races for example as a the spice of life and extract us from the pitfall of bigotry, boredom and insanity.
    The real quote for Georges Orwell was “War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength.” which is a far more deluded way to see the world and are pure lies!

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