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22 thoughts on “This is Why Communism is Atheistic [A Theory]

  1. Perhaps the greatest charade advanced my modern history texts is that Marxism in general, and specifically its application in the founding and “management” of the USSR, is something other than Jewish from stem to stern.I do not speak of Jewish as a religion, but as an insular race, which is how they see themselves. Their devotion to their “religion” is largely a canard to give their endeavors the patina of grace, whereas their only devotion is to their deist-driven status as the “chosen” rulers of the earth and the chattel herein (i.e., you and me) . 43 of the 61 seats of the original Bolshevik Politburo were held by Jews and the balance were substantially held by spouses of Jews.

  2. But Ronald, both of the economic initiatives you advance in your final paragraph are thoroughly socialist.

  3. I admit, I had to look that up to see what you were talking about. The opening city-scape photo was an LOL. Ugly doesn’t really capture it. We have the likes of Mies Vanerohe to thanks for bring the Orwellian and entirely utilitarian, vertical ice-cube trays to America, so that we too could prepare for a future of Bolshevism.

  4. it is prayed and worked, as in a hive, the queen does not admit another queen and in communism the boss does not admit another boss, even if he is invisible

  5. But what is produced in the private sector job area is brought back into the Kibbutz.
    The Lone Soldier programs on some Kibbutz, find jobs outside for the exiting soldiers because, frankly, there’s not enough work (mostly agricultural) in the Kibbutz to employ everyone.
    Several people that don’t work in lumber, work at our local clinic from the Commune up the road; what they earn goes back to Dry Creek Community!

  6. Oh, I dunno. I’m thinking communism is of the Jesus, a religious communalist. Capitalism is more an atheistic thing – where folks such as myself think of ourselves as ourselves rather than with this odd communal nature. The Germans of the early 1900s – Catholics – socialists … may as well have been communists. Atheists, no.

  7. And atheists as bee-hive types? Some are, e.g., Sam Harris and the like. Religionists are far more prone to bee-hive-ism, however … with their communal “moralities” and such. I don’t believe in a dog-eat-dog system; however, I’d far prefer that to herd-animalism.

  8. I’ll have to agree with you there. Taking away children from their parents and raising them in an idealogy collective, did horrible damage to American Natives. Considering that a large number of the latest Olim are coming from Russia it doesn’t suprise me that they have some very divergent ideas as to what’s acceptable. By the way, Russia still removes the children for 9 months of the year from Siberian Natives in their Arctic region–they end up drunks in the cities in Siberia just as they do here.
    A friend was on a secular Kibbutz, and the way she described it didn’t sit well. I’ve got other friends at another Kibbutz in southern Galil, and I think I could do fine there, as its run by religious Jews.

  9. I am not sure what the point is. Communism are atheists but atheists aren’t necessarily communists, in fact far from it.
    Most countries today where people are oppressed and where there are no or little freedom in art, religion, media, literature etc, it’s mainly in religious countries. Communism doesn’t represent atheism in any way.

  10. Fascinating article and discussion – you’ve triggered a couple of thoughts (“I’ll be brief) …

    In 1840 (published in 1841) Thomas Carlyle wrote “In Books lies the soul of the whole Past Time”

    Source – “Heroes and Hero Worship” – Chapter 5 “Hero as Man of Letters”

    On reading further, Carlyle essentially equated ‘atheism’ to a ‘discipleship’ of Cagliostro. It so happens that Cagliosto was reportedly tutored by Rabbi Samuel Chaim who in turn was involved in the Diamond Necklace affair which helped bring about the French ‘Revolution’!

    In my opinion however, Cagliosto did NOT typify atheism – he was an esoteric occultist who believed in Kabbalistic magic – the Egyptian rite …

  11. Atheism is a simple thing to understand. Yet it gets conflated with so many other things. IT IS NOT A PHILOSOPHY. We simply don’t believe in God and there is nothing else to discuss about it. Now there are those who like t think that we automatically believe in something else.
    I can only speak for my self. Atheist can believe in many other things and they don’t have to be common beliefs or practices among other atheist. I am a rare atheist in that I am a black American. I am also a progressive, I believe in science when ever it applies. I am pretty much a Christian where culture is involved. I have pretty much the same morals. But there is nothing about the Christian religion or any other that is of the least interest to me in terms of worshipping a deity.

  12. christian capitalism. or to be more correct catholic capitalism as the rhineland is a catholic region.^^

    The social market economy (SOME; German: soziale Marktwirtschaft), also called Rhine capitalism or social capitalism,[1] is a socioeconomic model combining a free market capitalist economic system alongside social policies that establish both fair competition within the market and a welfare state.[2][3] It is sometimes classified as a coordinated market economy.[4] The social market economy was originally promoted and implemented in West Germany by the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) under Chancellor Konrad Adenauer in 1949.[5] Its origins can be traced to the interwar Freiburg school of economic thought.[6]

    The social market economy was designed to be a third way between laissez-faire economic liberalism and socialist economics.[7] It was strongly inspired by ordoliberalism,[8] social democratic reformism, and the political ideology of Christian democracy, or more generally the tradition of Christian ethics.[9][7] The social market economy refrains from attempts to plan and guide production, the workforce, or sales, but it does support planned efforts to influence the economy through the organic means of a comprehensive economic policy coupled with flexible adaptation to market studies. Combining monetary, credit, trade, tax, customs, investment and social policies as well as other measures, this type of economic policy aims to create an economy that serves the welfare and needs of the entire population, thereby fulfilling its ultimate goal.[10]

    The “social” segment is often wrongly confused with socialism and democratic socialism and although aspects were inspired by the latter the social market approach rejects the socialist ideas of replacing private property and markets with social ownership and economic planning. The “social” element to the model instead refers to support for the provision of equal opportunity and protection of those unable to enter the free market labor force because of old-age, disability, or unemployment.[11]

  13. Sorry but the analogy was too much for me and inappropriate!
    I have been a beekeeper for the last 12 years and to see one of my ‘queen’ as Stalin or Pol-Pot was a massive stretch of my imagination and totally undignified for my little ‘girls’…. 🙁

  14. Well well well… Mic testing one…. two… three. HELLO? 🙂

    Salaam, Sister Lenna! I loved this just like your other work.

    Guess who’s back to join in? I mean, try to join in?

    I missed you. Stay safe and keep up the good work. You might as well see a couple of articles from me in the near future. In’shaa’Allah

    P.S: If it’s not clear from my username, Gul here. 💛

  15. The article didn’t mention Japan which is nothing close to communism. It is largely an atheist country. It tolerates several different religions. The government accepts all beliefs, political and religious.
    As an atheist myself. I simply don’t believe in God. People often ask “why don’t you believe”? I have many answers for that. Sometimes I might say that the chaos in the world proves that it was not created by a God. Sometimes I might say, The idea of a God just doesn’t make an ounce of sense to me. Being black I am a member of the most devoted race of people, to religion. Black people in particular are really anti atheist. In reality, they aren’t so sure about this either. I know many blacks who are Christians and have never read a single book in the Bible. They just simply follow orders. No one has ever made them think about. My biggest challenge to them is when I point out that the Christian religion was introduced to them during slavery and often at the order of the masters. The Bible was used to keep control over them, by promising them that their reward will come to them AFTER THEY ARE ALREADY DEAD. This is how religion works, reward and punishment.
    Being an atheist doesn’t influence my way of thinking very much. As far as government is concerned, I believe in democracy and capitalism. I don’t believe in socialism as a form of government. But as a system of sharing, I see no other way to achieve an equitable distribution of the wealth. I believe also in a minimum wage which is a living wage. I also believe in a maximum income. That would ensure the system will work for everyone. We should not have any billionaires especially with 50% of the country struggling to live paycheck to paycheck and the average family not having $400 put aside for an emergency.
    None of this has anything to do with atheism.

  16. The Early New Testament believers seemed to have practiced a form of Communism (Acts 4:32 & Acts 5:1-10), and it works on the Kibbutz of Israel today?
    However, if one doesn’t work, they don’t stay on the Kibbutz for long!
    Actually, there is a Christian Commune up the highway from here, and they are very productive in lumber products and log home construction, but again, if someone doesn’t want to work, there’s not much place for them in the Community–ah, that last word, Community, which has a similiar root origin to Communism, and is used to describe Village life around the Globe!

  17. Hum, What do i think of this metaphor that link Communism with a beehive? Rubbish!
    Quotes from the article….
    “The idea behind communism is that society should function like a beehive. Where everyone perfectly shares and cooperates. (it is not the case in a real hive…)
    Like all the cells working together in your body, honey bees work in such perfect harmony, they are like a single organism. It’s not hard to see how someone might see this as a great model for human society.
    The problem is that humans aren’t bees. If you put human intelligence and personality into bees and sent us into a hive, some of us would get greedy and try to suck up all the honey. (why not using only principled humans to run the show… that should work!)”

    It is an utopia society to believe we can imitate the programming (instinct) of this tiny insect colony because it is refined to perfection by our Creator but Humans are not programmed and have “free will” so they need to find a different way to get the consensus or common though/ground in their society in order to run smoothly and to be peaceful… Communism promote a dictatorship to get there and force their way through our mind… usually imposing nasty/tyrannical regime with a godless mindset society which seem to be the unique recipe on the menu with absolutely no other alternative. the reason? Communism is an ‘absolute’ belief and like Christianity it doesn’t bowed well in compromising its core belief and share any common ground with the God of the Bible. it is a pity because from the old scriptures you get some amazing definition of LOVE which should characterize any descent human and cement any healthy Family/Community/Society.

  18. Bees (30 days life span) live according to ‘instinct’ or ‘divine programming’ but human are spiritual by essence and live according to reason and ‘free will’ so how do you create a system which reflect these fundamental differences? bees will work as an inspiration maybe… but the ‘queen’ (3/4 years life span) is the absolute master in the hive not just in production of the eggs and pheromone but for all the logistic inside.. it sounds more like absolute monarchy not communism!
    Communism is not really egalitarian as well because usually one class of people (the elites) take advantage of the rest of the populace like leeches!
    Although he was never a beekeeper, Napoleon used the honey bee as one of the most important symbols of the power and prestige of his empire.

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