Tue. Mar 31st, 2020

24 thoughts on “To protect your brain, don’t be (too) kind!

  1. Maby its ultimately worry that does. It seems that people who are not kind or considerate do not worry about others or about the world we live in

  2. Well perhaps it’s just because the people that are kind are comparatively more sensitive and worry a bit more? That takes its toll on the mind.

  3. 😀


    I count my worries every day

    I count my worries every day
    Because I’m very worried
    When I think you don’t love me,
    I’ll love you even more
    I count my worries every day
    And love you like before.
    When I don’t count anymore
    I’ll know, that I lost you

    Worry number one in my life.
    That’s the worry, you’ll leave me
    And worry number two is, that there will be an other one
    Whom you’ll understand better and you will love.

    Worry number three, that’s the question:
    How to keep you and would you like me to be.
    And when you’ll really stay,
    yes, what do you expect from me.
    yes , that’s my worry number four.

  4. Scientists demonstrated, through brain imaging and psycho-cognitive evaluations conducted over several years on a community-based cohort of elderly people, that certain personality traits protect brain structures against neuro-degeneration and Alzheimer’s disease. Among them, people who are less agreeable but with a natural curiosity and little conformism show better preservation of the brain regions that tend to lose volume, both in normal aging and in Alzheimer’s disease.

    This makes sense. People who ars too agreeable are most likely followers who don’t want to think forvthemselves. Reading and puzxle games help in this aspect too.

  5. The results are surprising: people who are unpleasant, who are not afraid of conflicts and who show a certain anti-conformity have better protected brains. In addition, this protection takes place precisely in the memory circuits that are damaged by Alzheimer’s disease.

    This is because they engage their brain more. Inactivity can atrophy muscles, why wouldn’t the brain be the same? During down time i play word games and mosaic puzxles.

  6. My mother says that too much thinking drives a person mad.
    “Simple” people live longer – like some semi-mystical woman in Tibet who after eating snails and drinking pure mountain jew ( there are 2 jokes in that).. anyway she lived to be 115 and only died when she heard (years later) that Kennedy died.

  7. You don’t see me here that much because I have fights going on here. 🙃🤪😂. Yes i won the fight at the Community Garden, and i foresaw the results, the same earth came as snakes 🐍 soldiers and the enemy ended up empty from inside out! That should teach the thief to never in her stupid life to try to try to take me as stupid or steal from me.
    I also had two other issues and won too, including the City Transit.
    They decided to divide the buses in a half, the front half was only for the Bus driver. The front of the bus is designated for disabled people! The bus drivers were refusing to open the side front door for the disabled people, imagine that!
    More, the bus 🚌 drivers where packing the old, disabled, the international students like sardines on the back of the Bus, when everyone here must maintain a minimum of two meters of social distance to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus 🦠. I reported this and brought the Human Rights violation…it was stopped right away! The transit director contacted me and stated that the culprits were reprimanded. In total I won three cases. And I am learning a lot about social injustice, and how a few mean people only care about themselves even when causing emotional and physical pain to human who can’t defend themselves.
    Here we have a lot of geriatric retirees, and most of the young people are international students who don’t really know the laws and some bus drivers decided that they should take 50% of the bus space and force everyone else to pile up on the other 50% of the bus, until I saw this and decided to speak up and stop 🛑 it tight away. Fortunately, the buses here now have cameras and i was right! Some bus drivers are Shameless POE! Now they know that someone is watching them.
    Viva social justice!! 🌹🌹🌹🌞🐈

  8. Bravo! Bravo!
    There are a lot of silly rules coming out that lack any common sense and actually make matters worse. Police in England stopping individuals going for a drive with no intention of getting out of their cars who also wanted a break from indoors being told to go home and take a walk instead – in busy neighbourhoods!
    Of the cops using drones of harass a person walking their dog on the lonely moors telling them to go home.
    In London they said only essential workers travel on the underground and then they massively reduced the amount of trains and everyone no travelling gets squashed, and when people see the videos they call for tougher action and less trains – nutty!
    Well, done great victory and you might even have saved lives.
    Take care, can’t think of anyone who better knows how to stay clean and healthy.

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