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14 thoughts on “US Democrats are falling down to Trump’s level

  1. because pelozi will make the same mistake like hillary. beeing against trump is no vision to govern a country for 4 years. and trump the old womanizer knows this^^

  2. but not so. we are doing it this way.

    This says BILD: wretched!

    05.02.2020 – 20:55
    For a coalition with the CDU and the Greens, FDP (liberals) leader Christian Lindner said the now famous sentence: “It is better not to govern than to govern wrong.”

    But from the darkest and most politically repugnant Prince of the AfD (rightwingers), the Liberals are now accepting votes to have their man become elected Prime Minister of Thuringia.

    Ironically, Thomas Kemmerich (FDP), who campaigned with the slogan, that there was “finally a bald head that had been paying attention to history”.

    No, Kemmerich couldn’t have been paying attention to history. The Thuringian AfD leader Björn Höcke stands for a Germany that fears the world.

    He trivializise the Holocaust, he copied gestures, habit, hairstyle, thoughts, rhetoric and vocal range from black and white snippets of the newsreel.

    If Kemmerich seriously believes he can get away with his maneuver, then he has never fit into the FDP and brings disgrace to the liberals and all the proud women and men in this party who have helped to create a democratic, liberal Germany.

    And Thuringia’s CDU chief Mike Mohring? A political ghost driver who, for a little bit of power, has really given away everything the CDU has stood for for decades: First he wanted to work with the SED successors of the Left Party. Then he had it probed towards the AfD. Now he voted in close cooperation with this terrible party, made friends with her.

    CDU chief Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer should stop him before he causes more harm.

    What the Thuringian CDU and FDP have done is pitiful.

    The most honorable thing that Thomas Kemmerich can become in the rest of his political life is the shortest incumbent Prime Minister of all time.

    He should keep the FDP a last remnant of liberal decency and resign immediately.

    06.02.2020 – 12:41 p.m.
    Day one after the election quake in Thuringia. The mood is explosive – especially in the FDP!

    Review: Completely surprisingly, the previous country chief Bodo Ramelow (63, the left) was voted out on Wednesday afternoon. Instead new in office: FDP country chief Thomas Kemmerich. He received 45 votes in the third ballot, one more than Ramelow. FDP, CDU and AfD voted together for him.

    What followed: indignation throughout Germany. Not only voices from the SPD, the Greens and the Left demanded the resignation of the new prime minister, the calls were also made in the FDP’s own ranks.

    Now the Liberals are trying to save face – and somehow get out of it safely. The Federal FDP has also come under pressure.

    FDP chief Christian Lindner went to Erfurt for a crisis talk. He wants to talk to the Thuringian FDP, inside the party is rumored to want to get Kemmerich to resign.

    In the FDP it is not certain whether Lindner will be successful. Party circles say: “He will speak to him in conscience, but he cannot force him to do it.”

    Apparently the FDP is already thinking about excluding Kemmerich from the party. However, an arbitration tribunal in Thuringia will probably have to decide that, according to the FDP leadership.

    The FDP Presidium says that it was a “trap from the AfD” – without consultation. Kemmerich was surprised, one believes him. But: he shouldn’t have accepted.

    This contrasts with what Kemmerich says. He was “in permanent contact with Christian Lindner”, he said on Thursday in the “ARD morning magazine”. Kemmerich continued: “We also discussed what we decided here in Thuringia. He said the decision was ultimately made by the Thuringian Association. ”

    Meanwhile, it is becoming clear that the majority of the Liberals want Kemmerich to resign.

    ▶ ︎ “I expect Thomas Kemmerich to give up his office in the not too distant future and that there will be new elections,” said Alexander Graf Lambsdorff, deputy leader of the FDP in the Bundestag, on Thursday on Deutschlandfunk.

    ▶ ︎ The Deputy Prime Minister of North Rhine-Westphalia Jochen Stamp (FDP) said: “I ask Thomas Kemmerich to clear the way for new elections in Thuringia by resigning.” There should be “no cooperation of any kind with the AfD”.

    ▶ ︎ Schleswig-Holstein’s Vice Minister President Heiner Garg (FDP) made a similar statement, asking Kemmerich to “resign immediately”.

    ▶ ︎ The FDP member of the Bundestag Christian Jung called Kemmerich to resign. “This is the only way to enable a fresh start with new elections in Thuringia with attitude and dignity,” said Jung on Thursday. “The FDP, CDU, SPD and Greens have the task of approaching each other and fulfilling their responsibilities.”

    ▶ ︎ The FDP deputy Thomas Sattelberger said on Twitter. He wrote: “Even a party exclusion process is conceivable for me. I am ashamed of my FDP. ”

    Meanwhile, the FDP base also seems to be crumbling: Several FDP members have announced on Twitter that they will quit the party.

    According to the “Business Insider”, Lindner gave the green light on Monday for Kemmerich’s election – if necessary also with AfD votes. During the telephone call, the possibility was also discussed that Kemmerich would actually be elected – but with AfD votes. According to consistent statements from the close leadership of the FDP, Lindner gave his consent.

    The FDP held against Twitter that “at no time” Lindner “internally or publicly approved any kind of cooperation with the AfD”. A clear denial sounds different.

    The CDU boss Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer said on ZDF that the CDU had warned the FDP Presidium against the election that the “AfD will play exactly the game that it played”. One should have expected it.

    Horst Klauser@HorstKlauser
    That was it FDP.
    I can not and do not want to be near a formerly liberal party that makes the AfD fascists around Höcke a stirrup holder.
    Genscher, Scheel, Dehler and Hamm-Brüchner will rotate in their graves.

    Mr. Defender@kaumvertretbar
    I joined fdp in 1996 out of respect for sls_fdp’s decision to resign as JM because of the FDP’s approval of the Big Eavesdropping. I was of the opinion that there are still relevant forces that stand for freedom. I’m leaving this party tomorrow.

    Kemmerich returns office
    Announcement at 2 p.m. ++ The state parliament is also to be dissolved

    06.02.2020 – 01:51 p.m.
    He was Prime Minister for 24 hours and 34 minutes!

    According to BILD information, the newly elected Prime Minister of Thuringia Thomas Kemmerich (FDP) is giving up his office today.

    The Thuringian FDP parliamentary group’s states:

    “Thomas L. Kemmerich wants to remove the stain of AfD support from the Prime Minister’s office”

    “The resignation was inevitable. Nobody forced us. We analyzed the events and reactions in the state parliament, in the media and social media, ”said Kemmerich in a press conference at 2 p.m.

    Sigmar Gabriel: “The Chancellor Saved Germany’s Honor”

    “It won power before decency. It was thought that one could get a blood supply from the right wing, ”said former SPD leader Sigmar Gabriel on the BILD Live program. Who the reaction from Angela Merkel today praised: “The Chancellor did it right.” She and CSU boss Markus Söder had “the right instincts” for “what it possible in Germany and whats not.”

    Gabriel: “The Chancellor saved Germany’s honor”.

    The ex-SPD leader further said: “Democracy needs prerequisites and one is that the actors know what works and what doesn’t. And one can be happy that Merkel and Söder prevailed today. ”

    There will be no government that is dependent on right-wing radicals, said Gabriel. A party that wanted to rewrite German history – in a year in which Auschwitz was remembered. This was not a slip and the actors knew what they were doing.

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