Thu. Sep 24th, 2020

10 thoughts on “Video: Texas border residents against Trumps border wall

  1. I am a retired US Immigration law enforcement officer. I don’t speak for all officers. As a black officer, I can tell you that this racist lunatic Donald “the lying king ” Trump wants a wall to keep out as many people of color as possible. That is the only reason he is taking such a drastic approach to the non existent “immigration problem”. He claims that they are taking jobs away from US citizens. In the next sentence he brags about having the lowest unemployment rate in history. In fact, we need more immigrant labor as illegal crossings have abated a lot.
    We have all kinds of borders around the country. We have an even longer land border on the northern border. Where is the border wall keeping out the white people who cross there illegally? What about the Air Ports? There are thousands of poor whites entering the country through Air Ports. They arrive legally and never leave.
    Trump is taking money from everyone to build his silly and useless wall. But the white nationalist love him for his racism because they think he is going to save the white country for them.
    There are plenty of white people who know the deal, they are usually called Democrats. Those who are on his side are called Republicans. Both parties are multi racial. But the Republican party is about 90% white. Isn’t Trump a white nationalist Republican? The proof is in the pudding.

  2. Landmines. Plus a wall. With machine guns atop it and flamethrowers. I think we should just take Mexico and pinch it off at a more southerly point where our southern land border won’t be so lengthy and thus harder to seal up.

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