Wed. Oct 28th, 2020

16 thoughts on “We are back online with a new design!

  1. @disqus_X2eivymvjb:disqus , how about this site?
    ///Sorry for late reply, have had family visiting from home.///
    👍 family and real people come before virtual friends 👍

    ///Of course you think I am without morals and principles.///
    Not exactly what I said. I said you make up your own and you think that the consensus of the majority is always correct; even when changing those on the go. What was immoral yesterday is the desired moral tomorrow or visa versa.

    ///Oh, that is an interesting statement. Not so much about facts, as that is rather undeniable, but what you think is evil.///
    I believe in unchanging moral values. What was evil 4000 years ago is still evil today.

    ///I rather see people being themselves than slaves and suppress by a religious regime that don’t allow them to think for themselves or act.///
    I know; hence the Muslim raping gangs and throat slitting is OK with you.

    ///Gender and sexuality aren’t choices and will never be.///
    Gender is what we are born with. Sexual choices are exactly that … choices.

    ///Nope, it’s not a perversion by scientific definition.///
    It is. The digestive tract isn’t a sexual organ. Biology 101

    ///You are quite wrong again. I don’t want the government to “do things for me” but I do think a governm ent is necessary to provide laws, rights and opportunities for people to live their lives///
    That is why you have no rights. What a government (corrupted politicians) gives, the government can take away

    ///please explain…. you obviously have very limited insight, understandably so, to academic research.///
    – climate change …. busted
    – vaccines …. linked to autism and sterilization
    – chemotherapy …. busted

    ///I have spend a lot of my time studying free will and I imagine myself to have a more objective view on the matter than you have, given your faithful limitations….///
    You might know how to spell it. That is all, otherwise you wouldn’t whine all day long to have the government to intervene on your behalf.

    ///you are obviously far from updated with the latest cancer treatments hence your naive comments.///
    😂 nothing of substance you have, so you try to belittle and slander 😂

    ///Putting “that” into children…. do you mean “that” as in now means a 80% survival rate compared with 58% in the 70%?///
    Idiotic and falsified. Numbers were corrected to declare 5 years survival as cancer survivor and whosoever dies i.e. due to kidney failure (after chemotherapy) is recorded as died due to organ failure, not cancer.

    ///How much did prayers contributed to that increase? And if so, why did god allow childhood cancer in the first place?///
    😂😂 what did I say? You don’t know what free will means! You fed 💩 to the kids or have taken 💩 during pregnancy. Own your decisions and don’t blame God or the weather or Nintendo for it.

    ///Please reveal your wife’s secret. If prayers helped, then why hasn’t her revolutionary treatment made any headlines and why hasn’t she offered her magic to others.///
    SMH, alternative health information has been deplatformed by Tech giants working with pharma industry. Do you really think that they work for free? Spending billions to heal people or to create permanent customers? People get killed for a few bucks and you think the pharma industry shuts down, because there is a natural easy and cheap way that works? Do you know how much a doctor earns for each chemotherapy sold? Do you know how many prescribed it to healthy people? How many got caught doing that?

    ///Perhaps it’s just for people with exactly the same faith as you and her? In that case, I couldn’t despise you both more.///
    Not that I would care how you feel about it, but we help people who seek help, alternative options. We don’t chase people.

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