Fri. Jul 10th, 2020

4 thoughts on “Why Are Atheists So Angry?

  1. To be fair, the atheists who aren’t like that are a lot quieter. In every group the loudest ones often seem to hog the public microphone. It happens with religous people too.

    But I rarely see a religious person behaving like an atheist. With that same level of bitterness and endless repetition of the same talking points–as if they’re brilliant and original and we haven’t all heard them a gazillion times before.

    I can totally understand why you state this. Can you permit the possibility/likelihood that an atheist has a perfectly inverse point of view – and, for a legitimate reason? There are many perspectives on life, morality, judgment of others, etc. Perspectives are awesome; however and often, he who possesses a perspective (uh, everyone does) … and, again, often enough … the perspective holder invests and immerses oneself into that perspective to such a great extent that his world-view becomes blind to the possibility of “cohabitation” with those whose points are opposite. Disqus doesn’t help with understanding. Of its own nature, it promotes tribalism … I-me-mine, you-and-yours.

    Simple point from a simple guy.

  2. Atheist? I’m going to contextualize this in these atheists we are talking about are the ones who turned from or really want more meaning, to them, ina religion or god. They are angry because they cannot find their way so they use god or religion still to give meaning, but due to lack of substance it isn’t “enough”.

  3. I’ll tell you this – atheists are incorrigible and angry because of one thing alone: We go to religious bakeries, they ask us our “affiliation”, as if we don’t know what that means. We answer. Then, they skimp on the custard filling. Don’t get me started! Don’t get me going!

  4. I would say that independ of theist/atheist position, some people just can’t accept that others can have views different from theirs. This is called intolerance. And I guess the OP author understands that her (I guess Lenna is woman) impression about such people being mainly atheists is very subjective, and hardly supported with any solid evidence. But if, for the sake of argument, it is indeed so, I guess it can be really frustrating for intolerant people that the majority don’t share their views, so they are venting out this frustration at anonymous Internet forums.

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