Why Are Atheists So Angry?

Let’s clarify. Why are *some* atheists so angry? Lots of them, it seems.

Some anti-theist atheists seem consumed by hatred. They fixate, rant, and rave like any other variety of fanatic.

But why?

Sure, the say religion causes violence and holds back social “progress.” But sometomes it seems to be they’re annoyed because almost everyone else believes in God.

Spiritual Blindness

Not just in the present day but throughout history. Maybe spiritual blindness frustrates them?

Imagine a colorblind person becoming frustrated because all they see is a bunch of blobs where almost everyone else can make out words and numbers. That could be frustrating

Though I’ve never heard of a colorblind person ranting about how people with normal vision should be hunted down and killed. Some anti-theist raging atheists really do want us dead and they don’t mind saying so.

Hair Trigger

Sometmes it hardly takes a hint of anything for such an atheist to write a book-length, tangential rant. These people are super bitter and angry.

May God help them, please! Who wants to be head-spinning mad all the time?

To me there is no reason this kind of pathological grudge nursing and hatred.

The Quieter Ones

To be fair, the atheists who aren’t like that are a lot quieter. In every group the loudest ones often seem to hog the public microphone. It happens with religous people too.

But I rarely see a religious person behaving like an atheist. With that same level of bitterness and endless repetition of the same talking points–as if they’re brilliant and original and we haven’t all heard them a gazillion times before.


What gives? Why do you think so many of the most vocal atheists are so angry and obnoxious?

Answers from all are welcome, especially atheists.