Thu. Sep 24th, 2020

31 thoughts on “Why Do American Politicians Put Israel First?

  1. Nope according to Judaism Gentiles will be fine too; only the evil people against peace are doomed.

  2. Wouldn’t you think the European Jew is much better off
    standing among his own kind, other Europeans, instead of being
    stuck in the middle of dark-skinned Arabs where he looks out
    of place?

  3. You agree that the white man known as the Ashkenazi will be
    the only one standing? Is he not better of being among his
    own kind, other white people like him? Why is this white man
    in the Middle East?

  4. Don’t agree with your “whiteman known as Askenazi” anything , Helen.
    It will only be those who are of G-d / in Obedience to Him, and Love Him, and their fellow man, and this is exactly what OverandOut stated. The Palestinian Arab issue is simply one of hate and anti-semetism against Jews.
    There is no “Working Together” or “Peace” to be had because of the same disregard for the reality that the Jews, even some of them with some European admixture from the Exile, have as much claim, or more, than you Arab friends.
    As long as the Arabs have no regard for Jews, and only sow hate and discontent, their situation will only get worse.
    And that will be your own fault!
    You want Rights in Israel–then be a Better Citizen, a Better Producer, a Better Steward, a Better Friend to Your Neighbor, than the Israeli Jew!

  5. israel wears the biggest roundel.

    Have you ever read the tanakh?

    21 And I have heaped you up, And blown on you in the fire of My wrath, And ye have been melted in its midst.

    22 As the melting of silver in the midst of a furnace, So are ye melted in its midst, And ye have known that I, Jehovah, I have poured out My fury upon you.

    Can you explain why the tanakh claims that the boss himself is going to melt israel, the apartheid!

  6. lenna, again, the mistake is accepting the mans word. That fool is not Jewish, and for you to write what you did, exposes that you have been bamboozled to accepting what people say without considering what they are saying.

    That fool is no Jew. The jew by choice (bar mitzvah) accepts following the rules, the commandments and will put them rules as priority.

  7. Yah! Poor you. You are still believing that Israel-Zionists-Jewish are “the chosen ones”.
    Keep dreaming,and putting words in the thinking and mouth of God, it is a gross treason inflicted on our God and those who speak, write and think lies by using God, will pay dearly.

  8. On the really important issues, the “battle” between Democrats and Republicans is a charade.

  9. I did not say in anyway that you should not be able to write, speak, read, etc. As you have free speech so do I. And you and I are exercising “free speech” here. That is call free speech, as long as we are not hurting, killing anyone.

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  16. the video doesn’t support the post. She never suggested anything about Israel being put “first” over the US.

    what she said was that the US would always be supportive of Israel.

  17. I’m sure that most of you remember Cynthia McKinney. She was the brave one term Congress woman who exposed the Pledge to Israhell that all elected to Congress must sign if you don’t want to be harassed by AIPAC and the Ashkenazi tribe.

    I don’t agree with her politically on many things but I give her credit for having the fortitude for standing up to them, not many do anymore.

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